The more @USAirways partners you fly, the more miles you’ll earn- I’m going for 25k!

Have you registered for this US Airways promotion? The more US Airways partners you fly, the more miles you can earn. You can register here. Through December 15, 2012, USAir is going to reward you for your international travel on Star Alliance partners. Fly with US Air AND any other Star Alliance airlines and you’ll get your base miles plus you can earn up to 25,000 bonus miles! You must travel between Sept 10, 2012 and Dec 15, 2012.

  • Travel on 3 partners and earn 2,500 miles
  • Travel on 4 partners and earn 5,000 miles
  • Travel on 5 partners and earn 15,000 miles
  • Travel on 6 partners and earn 25,000 miles

I’ve registered for the promotion and I’m well on my way to earning more miles.

On Sept 15th I flew US Airways from London to Philly

  • US Airways leg complete

On Oct 14th I’ll fly United from Chicago to Amsterdam

  • Partner #1

On Oct 25th I’ll fly SAS from Amsterdam to Frankfurt

  • Partner #2

On Oct 26th I’ll fly Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Bangkok

  • Partner #3

On November 3rd I’ll fly Swiss from Bangkok to Zurich

  • Partner #4

On November 4th I’ll fly United from Zurich to New York

  • This flight won’t count since I’ve already counted United.
  • If I can switch from United to LOT I will do that

On Dec 12th I will fly Singapore Airlines from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

  • Partner #5

So as it stands, once I complete all these flights, I will have earned 15,000 miles. If I can switch from United to LOT in November I will be able to earn 25,000 miles. Either that or I’ll have to find some really cheap flight from Amsterdam or a nearby airport to somewhere in Europe during one of the weekends while I’m there. Hmmm… any ideas?

Do you think you’ll take part? How many miles do you hope to earn?


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  1. for ZRH-NYC – maybe look at OS via VIE. You can also just do a quickie mileage run intra europe for $120-150, get your 500 per segment. I’m just trying to help you avoid LO! 😉

    Brussels has a great product too.

  2. Note “[o]nly segments in an eligible mileage accrual class will be counted toward the promotion”. A lot of the cheaper fare classes on partners earn 0% Dividend Miles.

  3. @Lufthansa Flyer, is LO that bad 🙂
    Sounds like a mileage run is in my future!

  4. I have asked them to clarify if it is the operating carrier or the booked carrier for codeshare flights. That could prove an issues for some of us.

  5. I have a US airways flight coming up on Nov 9, and I am flying UA plenty of times as well as Swiss/Lufthansa. So as of now I could qualify for potentially 2,500 bonus miles. My question – do you have to set earnings to US Airways miles on partner flights? I was personally going for UA miles because they’re more valuable to me.. thoughts?

  6. @Angelina, Yes, i think you have to set earnings to USAirways. Otherwise, they wouldn’t know you flew 🙂
    Guess it depends on how many miles you’ll earn on United….is it worth 2500 extra miles on US? Probably not.

  7. Check out a quick domestic flight from BKK on Thai.

  8. …. Sunday OPct 27, I see quick turns from BKK to Khon Kaen through the TG website for 4280 THB which converts to $137US round trip, and the domestic flights are booked in W class which earns 100% miles. There are a few different schedules, with 1 hour flight time and 45 min ground time. Other destinations price about 500 THB higher but offer other departure schedules.

  9. corretion: Sunday Oct 28 (so you have time to settle in BKK) although other dates are available also.

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