NYC Marathon Runners Donate Hotel Rooms & Did you win 1 million points? Find out who did!

Runners Donate Hotel Rooms

Over the month of October I ran a promotion giving away 1 million points and miles. During the final week of entry, I asked readers to tell me how they’re changing the world. I got some really amazing entries in week four, and throughout the entire promotion.

I wish I had met Conley Downing a week ago. Conley really is changing the world. As everyone in the world knows, Hurricane Sandy devastated the NY, NJ, and CT area. I am in Bangkok and the coverage has been non-stop. Locals are asking if I am from the area impacted…it’s caught the attention of the world.

The NY city marathon was to have taken place in NY this week and many of the displaced NYers are staying in hotels that runners had booked. Many hotels said they would not kick the locals out. Many runners knew they would not be able to get to NY for the Marathon, if it even went on. So Conley had an idea, find a way to connect runners who have non-refundable, pre-paid hotel reservations and ask them to donation them to a NYer in need.

Race2Recover was born at 8am, November 3rd and already has picked up steam. If you know a runner who can donate a room, or know someone in need of a room, ask them to visit

This is an amazing idea and a great way to help people in need. Spread the word now!


One Million Point Give-away wraps up

So many people entered the one year, one million point give-away that the judges needed a little extra time to re-read all the blog comments, facebook posts and tweets. There were four amazing weeks of entries.

The winner of the first grand prize:

300,000 Delta Sky Miles & 200,000 Hilton Honors points

Congratulations to Ella & her daughter who entered in week 4 (comment #52) – we were really inspired! Ella is going to use the points and miles to take a trip with her daughter to build homes with Habitat For Humanity in Belize. What an awesome way to use the points!

I have traveled for business for as long as I can remember. I always bring home the shampoo and soap from the hotel. I have a closet full of them now. About a year ago, my 13 year old daughter came to me and said, “Mom, can I donate your soaps.” I couldn’t imagine what she was going to do with them. She had seen a documentary on TV and wanted to donate soap and shampoos to the local red cross chapter for victims of fires. She learned that when people are evacuated they often have to stay in shelters and don’t have those personal items right away. So she did, she donated them. And she’s continued to donate. She has worked with two of our local hotels to get donations of soap and shampoo and she now also donates to a local homeless shelter. So far, she’s been able to donate over 10,000 bottles of shampoo and bars of soap in one year. She’s making a difference in the world.


The winner of the second grand prize:

240,000 US Airways Miles, 100,000 Marriott Rewards Points and 50,000 Hyatt Gold Passport Points.

Congratulations Michael K from New York, (comment # 108). We hope you and your wife have an amazing honey moon!

I would use the 240,000 US Airways Miles, 100,000 Marriott Rewards Points and 50,000 Hyatt Gold Passport Points to take my wife on a dream vacation. We got married 50 years ago this December. We were quite young and really had no money for a honeymoon at the time. We always said we would take one “next year.” But next year never really came because we were having kids, raising kids, working and so on. My wife is a teacher at a public school and does so much for the kids in her classroom. She’s a dedicated teacher for life. I am a police officer in my town and try to spend time volunteering with the Police Athletic League when I can. So we’re both always doing something. We’ve taken small weekend trips over the years. Have been to Florida’s beaches and Disney, but I always have regretted that I couldn’t take my bride on a honeymoon she deserved. This is how I could do that. I would fly business class on Singapore Airlines or Asiana Airlines to South East Asia. My wife loves to watch the Bachelorette and shows like that and dreams of seeing islands and waterfalls. I would go to Thailand and to the islands there. We would spend a night in Bangkok at the Hyatt and then use the Marriott points in Phuket. It would be a dream come true.


Congratulations to all the weekly and grand prize winners. If you didn’t win…stay tuned, there’s going to be a second chance to win some points in November!

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