Should I go for Hilton Diamond Status?

Earlier this year I took a challenge to reach Hilton Gold Status by staying 14 nights. I reached that on one, two-week long trip to London. I just got an email explaining that Hilton status can also be earned based on the number of base points earned and I’m only 30,000 points away from earning Diamond Status with Hilton. As you probably know by now, I’m a Starwood loyalist. I love SPG and I’m not leaving them. They will always be my primary hotel chain, but Hilton is now my back-up chain.

I currently have completed 105 nights with Starwood this year and have another 33 nights confirmed with a potential for another 4-5 nights. In addition, I have a week-long trip to Bangkok in December and still need to book that hotel.

If I stay at a Hilton property in Bangkok during my December trip, I could probably earn 30,000 points and reach Hilton Diamond. The question is – is it worth it? Should I go for Hilton Diamond or just continue to build up points with Starwood? Is there a huge difference between Hilton Gold and Diamond?

What do you think?

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  1. dealswelike | November 6, 2012 at 4:08 pm |

    Do you think you’ll stay at Hilton’s much next year? If not, personally Gold status at Hilton is still great due to the free breakfast.

  2. @DealsWeLike – I will probably have 10-20 nights at Hilton next year.

  3. If free Internet and free breakfast are all you want Gold should suffice.

  4. I’m HHonors Gold, but I’m planning to do some MR to push me to Diamond, have had great treatment as Diamond at Conrads around Asia, however as Gold I’ve missed some Executive upgrades when they were full.

    You’ll get more bonus points as Diamond. I’d probably stay at the Millenium Hilton in BKK if the location is good for you. I like that location better than the Conrad in BKK.

    In some places, like HKG the Conrad is outstanding and I generally like W Hotels (have stayed at the W HK twice), vs ~8 times at Conrad HK.

  5. @Andre – thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear you liked the Millennium BKK, I’ve heard mixed reviews.

  6. If you have the opportunity, i would try to diversify the status. Sometimes there are only certain properties that are convenient so it might be good to have an alternate. Also, sometimes travel just happens and somehow you have to stay at a Hilton (flight delays, for example). Also, you will earn a few more points next year as Diamond.

  7. Hiltons and Conrads treat Diamonds MUCH better than Golds
    At the upper end, the treatment is better and worth it
    I have had real benefit from HH DM status past year especially while in Asia.

  8. @Skwok – that’s a great point about earning more points next year as a Diamond. Those extra points do add up!

  9. @ffi – Glad to hear the benefits are good in Asia since I’m there 1/2 the year!

  10. I love my Hilton Gold status so if I were only one, one week stay away from Diamond I would go for it! And I second the comment about diversifying your top tier statuses.

  11. If you can get Diamond with a little push, I say why not?

    I only travel for leisure so getting Gold is still probably feasible for me by earning based on stays.

  12. Diamond is worth it, not so much if your travel is mostly US but more often Europe or Asia. The main benefit of Diamond is you have lounge access regardless of your room type. Gold does not get you a guaranteed room on the executive club lounge and you only get access if you have a room on the executive club level. As Diamond you always have access to the executive club.
    Asian Properties tend to upgrade to a slighlt better roo, sometimes even a suite, though one should not expect this as Diamond (I am not so much into suites anyway).

    In the end, it comes to what you are booking and what you are expecting. If you book executive club level right away, there is not really much difference between Gold and Diamond (only the more points).

  13. I wonder the same question. Im top tier with hyatt and spg and thinking of dropping spg and add diamond status with hilton. I can choose between 18 hotels with them where i live (vegas) as i can gain status when i apply for their credit card.

  14. Well, it looks like I won’t be going for Diamond. I checked for Hilton’s in Bangkok and during the week I’m there, the Hilton is sold out. I’m not going to stay at the Conrad Residences again, so no Diamond status for me.

  15. If you travel domestically in the US, you should cultivate Hilton. They have vastly more hotels in their chain than SPG. Where I go there is always some form of Hilton, but SPG hotels are quite scarce.

  16. @VG – thanks. I only have about 5 domestic nights a year…maybe 10 max. So SPG remains my primary due to their footprint in Thailand and SE Asia.

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