Sheraton Frankfurt Airport: Review

After a business trip to The Hague, I had to continue onto Bangkok, Thailand. I couldn’t find a flight that I could upgrade out of Amsterdam, so I booked an evening flight out of Frankfurt. I figured I’d get up early, take the train and have plenty of time to catch my flight. Well, the day before my flight I got a call saying that the flight was being cancelled, but they’d already rescheduled me for a flight that would depart a few hours ahead of the original flight. I was relieved to be on another flight…until I realized that my train would arrive in Frankfurt 1 hour before the new flight was scheduled to depart. So I did the only thing I could, after work, I headed to Amsterdam and changed my train ticket. The train from Amsterdam Central to Frankfurt Airport took 5 hours and had me at the Frankfurt Airport at around 11:45pm. I headed straight for the Sheraton which is connected to the airport.

The hotel is quite large and even at 11:45pm the lobby was busy. In the hotel lobby there’s a Sheraton Link and business center. There’s a bar and restaurant area as well. There are several large conference rooms on the main floor and it looked like there were conference rooms on other floors as well. There’s a salon and day spa connected to the hotel and just a few steps outside the doors everything the train station and airport have to offer, including a Starbucks (I was very happy I could get a Cool Lime Refresher in the morning.)

I checked in and was told that I was upgraded to a suite. That was very nice, but a little lost on me since it was a short stay. When I got into the room I discovered a very strange configuration of beds. There was a king bed and two twin beds in the bedroom. It would have been great for a family with kids. There were two chairs and a TV. The TV was affixed to the wall and couldn’t be moved which made it impossible to watch it from the main bed. The room was very nice overall.

There was a large entry area with closet and wet/dry bar and mini-bar. The bathroom was also big and had a bath tub and stand-alone shower. The number of bathroom amenities was surprising for Europe. The shower doors were a bit odd and in the morning I discovered that more water ended up on the bathroom floor than in the shower floor.

I didn’t spend much time at the Sheraton Frankfurt airport, but I did like it and would absolutely stay there again if I needed to. While a bit pricy, I would recommend the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport.

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  1. How clean was the hotel? Would you say it is one of those hotels, that you wouldn’t feel so bad walking around in if you forgot your hotel slippers?

    I always wear slippers, but some times you are in a hotel that just feels so clean you wouldn’t need them (although I usually do.)

  2. Club rooms are worth the extra money here as the lounge is quite nice.

  3. @The Weekly Flyer – it was quite clean, but I’m with you, I always wear slippers.

  4. Just a suggestion but the black background is tough on the eyes especially those who have some issues with eyesight. Black text on a grey background would be easier to read.

  5. that was a family room you were in. We stayed there last year for 1 night and really enjoyed it, although soundproofing could have been a bit better. But overall, nice hotel, excellent club lounge.

  6. Hotel confirmed via a Tweet that the Coffee Machine continues on in the Club Lounge…it is one of the coolest machines I have used! As always, best wishes for safe travels.

  7. @John, I think I’ll be back there in February, so I’ll check it out!

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