BoardingArea goes Up, BoardingArea goes Down – An Apology to Readers

This week (and over the last few weeks) I’ve felt like I’m living in a chapter of the children’s book “The Amazing Days of Abby Hays: What Goes Up Must Come Down.” As you know, I celebrated my 1 year anniversary on BoardingArea last month, and since my blog is hosted by BoardingArea, I’m impacted as much as my readers are when their servers are down. And they have been down – a lot – lately.

You have endless choices when it comes to travel blogs and I am very glad you’ve chosen to support me, VeryGoodPoints. It is deeply embarrassing and incredibly frustrating to me that this continues to happen and that I can’t do anything about it.

The Boarding Area team is moving – not so flawlessly – to a new platform which will hopefully provide stability and reliable up-time. I hope they are able to keep to their new timeline and have the issues resolved this week.

I appreciate you sticking with me – even through the downtime frustrations!

Thanks and as soon as BoardingArea is more stable look for a whole new contest with exciting prizes!


8 Comments on "BoardingArea goes Up, BoardingArea goes Down – An Apology to Readers"

  1. yes, i have had trouble with it- but I keep coming back..hopefully they will get this straightened out soon

  2. The RSS feed has been key to me reading blogs in recent weeks. It has been picking up the feed during the limited up times. Keep posting and I’ll keep reading! 🙂

  3. @John, thanks for the continued support!

  4. Stuff happens. While opinions may differ, nothing that appears on Boarding Area is truly ‘critical’ information. Face it folks, 95% of the content is entertainment – and that’s perfectly OK. If the last year has seen a downside, it is the drop in trip reports based on award flights and a huge drop in award flight “tips and techniques.’ Few or none will really say so, but the airlines have trimmed or even gutted their award programs such that some are but a bad joke. And sadly, some bloggers have migrated to pushing credit cards (for a fee). In my view, most of today’s FF programs – as we know them, will be toast within ~ 5 years. The only exception will be the very top, invitation-only levels that are obviously revenue-based. (Those folks are rare and they darn sure don’t need BA’s blogs to find an award flight – they just ask their favorite airline and it happens.) Credit card churn has become a rather dull topic.

  5. @Cook – I couldn’t have said it better.

  6. No biggie. Want to talk about nightmares? Our business website went down on the Monday after Thanksgiving last year. Oh, and we sell almost exclusively over the internet. It happens.

  7. @Acker, yikes! That sounds bad.

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