Travel Tuesday Giveaway – Enter now to win a $100 gift card

With the holiday seasons upon us, I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use a $100 gift card. Everyone is running around, shopping, visiting family and getting ready to celebrate the season. Enter now to win a $100 gift card of your choice. The winner can choose from: a $100 Hilton Gift Card from Amex, a $100 Marriott Gift Card or a $100 Visa Gift Card (no, it’s not Vanilla.)

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment telling me how you started reading my blog. Did you see a tweet? Did you find it on another blog (if so, which one)? Did you see it on Facebook? It’s that simple! Just tell me how you found me.


  • Leave 1 comment telling me how you started reading my blog
  • You must use your real first name and the first initial of your last name (example Stacey S) when you comment
  • The deadline to enter is Wednesday, November 21 at 5pm ET
  • The winner will be selected at random

Good luck!


213 Comments on "Travel Tuesday Giveaway – Enter now to win a $100 gift card"

  1. I started reading your blog after I saw a few of your Tweets 🙂

  2. I found your column when I started following the generic Boarding Area Twitter account and clicked through.

  3. I started reading your blog after I found you on google search (I was searching for something related to American Express).

  4. Found it through main Boarding Area page.

  5. I’ve been following boarding area on twitter. Your blog shows up whenever a new post is made.

  6. Stacey,

    I found your blog via Gary’s. Thank you!

  7. found it after one of the boarding area giveaways that you participated in.

  8. Another blogger linked to your site.

  9. Found it today after following BoardingArea on twitter

  10. I found you on a google search when I was looking for a new travel credit card and immediately subscribed

  11. Hi, started avidly following after seeing someone else re-tweet a link to one of your blog posts!

  12. Boarding Area Twitter

  13. I saw your blog on boardingarea

  14. I found you through the main Boarding Area page.

  15. Found your blog while perusing Boarding Area and signed up for RSS feeds everyday. Invaluable info even for the most seasoned travel pros.

  16. I found your blog through the Boarding Area main page.

  17. Thankfully came across it via boarding area. Thanks for your efforts!

  18. I think I found it through New Girl In The Air…or some other Boarding Area blog. I found you through the Delta skymiles giveaway.

  19. Found it through Boarding Area. Gotta love the good ole BArea!

  20. started reading after following you on Twitter

  21. My husband raved about it so I had to start reading it

  22. Found it through Boarding Area, checking out the other blogs

  23. Found it when searching articles on boardingarea web page

  24. I found you after looking at the BoardingArea homepage.

  25. I saw a post in boarding area that intrigued me!

  26. I found it thru BoardingArea website. Have enjoyed it since.

  27. I found your great blog through Boarding Area.

  28. I’ve started following you from a retweet. You have some very informative info. Thanks.

  29. I found you from another blog – maybe an interview you did? Regardless, I thoroughly enjoy it!

  30. BoardingArea homepage

  31. I found your blog when I was reading The Boarding Area.

  32. Flyertalk led me to Boarding Area, which led me to you. 🙂

  33. Found it on Boarding Area page.

  34. Found your blog from Boarding Area.

  35. Found you through Boarding Area and the blog’s name interested me

  36. From the Boarding Area homepage

  37. Found it through my RSS feed for Boarding area.

  38. I started reading your blog via Keep up the great work!

  39. From the list of bloggers on Boarding Area.

  40. mike rogerson | November 20, 2012 at 11:02 am |

    found the website and started reading multiple blogs on a daily basis.

  41. I found your blog when browsing the Boarding Area and now subscribe in my Google Reader 🙂

  42. too. Keep up the good work.

  43. I have google reader and added all the boradingarea blogs to my reader.

  44. I started reading your blog through and I’m glad I did!!

  45. Flyertalk led me to Boarding Area, which led me to you. Same as Groobie!(post no. 33)

  46. Boarding Area led me to your blog.

  47. Natalie Merrill | November 20, 2012 at 11:09 am |

    I was sent articles from your site by my husband. You do a great job!

  48. I was first introduced to your blog through the daily updates posted to the Boarding Area mobile website through my iPhone.

  49. tweets from BoardingArea

  50. I found your blog via a link from Mommy Points.

  51. I found your blog via another blog and then added it to my Google Reader.

  52. My brother got me started through boarding area.

  53. I was on google for some random search (on SPG) and found the link to this blog.

  54. I saw a thread for your blog on MilePoint!

  55. I found you through google searches.

  56. Oops, just posted w/default info. pre-filled!
    Through a Milepoint link!

  57. I found you through

  58. Boarding Area

  59. I found and began reading your blog via

  60. Follow your posts through!

  61. I found you through boarding area

  62. Saw an interesting post highlighted on the main boarding area page.

  63. I started reading Boarding Area and found your blog.

  64. I found you through the Boarding Area RSS feed.

  65. Boarding area homepage – keep up the good posts, thanks!

  66. I started reading when another blog linked to yours… I think it was Mommy Points.

  67. I read a referral to your blog from another blogger on BA. Keep up the good work!

  68. I found it on the boarding area

  69. I found your blog via Boarding Area-really enjoying it keep up the good work!

  70. Found you on Boarding Area. Your blog is saved on “my favorites” now.

  71. Found you on Google search engine. Thanks!

  72. Started reading it when another blog linked to yours – can’t remember which one.

  73. Found your post on

  74. Bryan Schmiedeler | November 20, 2012 at 11:44 am |

    I found your blog from a link in another Boarding Area blog.

  75. I think it was a link from another blog but it was at least 6 months ago.

  76. I noticed your blog when it was listed on the BA front page

  77. My husband started reading it because he was looking for good travel deals so we could continue to travel while he was out of work.

    He told me about it and now we are both daily readers of the RSS feeds. And I have passed on information from boardingarea to many others who want to travel as we do.

  78. Discovered your blog through it’s Boarding Area posts.

  79. Hi. I’m a new reader. I was linked through another Boarding Area blogger. Love your blog!

  80. I found it through the main BoardingArea page!

  81. Through Boarding Area.

  82. I found you through boarding area and always enjoy your reads!

  83. Found on When people as how to learn about points and miles I always send them to!

  84. I found your site looking for starwood comments/reviews.

  85. Your’s was another blog I found by regularly perusing BoardingArea. I like your posts but they don’t seem to pop up as often as others. I’ve seen two today, though!

  86. found you through Boarding Area page

  87. Found your blog on the milepoint newstand forum!

  88. Boarding area homepage – keep up the good work, thanks!

  89. found you on boarding area

  90. boarding area!

  91. Ryan B
    I started reading the blog as I came across the boarding area when looking for advice as I now travel for work on a regular basis.

  92. I started reading through Boarding Area!

  93. I started to read the boarding area board and this specific page caught my eye with a variety of well put together topics

  94. Discovered you through your boarding area blogs…..thanks for educating me to be a savvy point collector!

  95. Eager Traveler | November 20, 2012 at 12:38 pm |

    Stumbled across the blog it’s on my goto sites everyday

  96. Found you on, very glad to see your tips regarding Bangkok which has helped me exponentially.

  97. found you on boarding area….

  98. Fount it through landing on

  99. I’m sure I found the blog from another blog, but I can’t remember which one (I follow about 25). I’ll generally follow a link and look for two things – regular updates and unique/interesting commentary.

  100. Been a long time, hard to remember. Probably a link on a boarding area blog.

  101. I found your site through my friend.

  102. Found at the BoardingArea site

  103. RSS feed of all the boarding area blogs.

  104. I try to read all the BoardingArea blog posts every day, you always have some good posts worth reading 🙂

  105. I found your blog via Boarding Area.

  106. Saw it on

  107. I stumbled upon this via the RSS feed of Boarding Area

  108. I found your blog via Boarding Area

  109. Found it on the Boardingarea main page

  110. Boarding Area via my friend Joe

  111. I read your blog from

  112. I started reading your blog by checking BoardingArea (daily!).

  113. Through an email from a friend of mine talking about articles to read about how to learn more about free and/or easy points.

  114. Started via boarding area

  115. I found your blog via Thanks for keeping us up to date!

  116. I started reading when I subscribed to BoardingArea RSS feed!

  117. BoardingArea feed

  118. Hi! I started reading after I “Stumbled” onto BoardingArea blogs. Thanks for all the work you, and the other bloggers, do!

  119. Started via Boarding Area!

  120. Found your blog through boarding area recently

  121. I found your blog on when participating in your “one-year-1-million-point-give-away-week” contest.

  122. Boardinarea rss is how I found ya

  123. I personally know another Boarding Area Blogger and follow BA on Twitter. I would love some extra holiday spending money!

  124. Left off my last name initial.

  125. On Facebook through Boarding Area. Keep up the good work!

  126. Via Boarding Area main page

  127. I clicked to your blog from the boarding area main page.

  128. I learned about ur blog on, then I subscribed to ur blog, thankx!

  129. found boarding area through milepoint and saw your blog from there

  130. Reading Boarding Area

  131. I check out Boarding Area a lot!

  132. Found the site through my following of Boarding Area RSS feed! Keep up the great work!

  133. When I started reading Boarding Area regularly.

  134. travelingfools | November 20, 2012 at 2:45 pm |

    I came across your blog on an entry on the site. Thanks for blogging!

  135. The Boarding Area feed!

  136. It was on facebook for boardingArea

  137. Found you via BOARDINGAREA……………

  138. started reading your blog after seeing it on Boarding Area Home Site.

  139. Actually scoured around Boarding area one day when adding feeds to my RSS reader to see what other blogs were hosted here.

  140. I found your blog through the main Boarding Area page.

  141. milepoint linked to one of your blog posts recently!

  142. I stumbled across the Points Guy; followed a link on his page to the Boarding Area where I eventually clicked on your link.

  143. My boyfriend a.k.a. “The Points Monster”. He started sending me your posts all the time until I started following the blog myself 🙂

  144. Started reading BoardingArea and came across yours.

  145. Boarding Area.

  146. Found it on Boarding area main web site

  147. I found your blog by following the boarding area twitter account

  148. Pretty sure I started when you came on BoardingArea

  149. I saw your blog on

  150. found it on boarding area!!

  151. I found your blog via the Boarding Area homepage

  152. Boarding Area

  153. When another blogger retweeted one of your posts

  154. I started reading it on Boarding Are

  155. Found it through main Boarding Area page.

  156. I started reading your blog from Boarding Area about 6 months ago. I found Boarding Area through either View from the Wing or One Mile at a Time.

  157. Boarding Area 🙂

  158. I found your blog through Boarding Area.

  159. Boarding Area

  160. Hank Williams | November 20, 2012 at 5:38 pm |

    I discovered your blog through FlipBoard. Love it!

  161. This is one of the first blogs I ever got hooked on. I’ve only be scanning flyer talk and milepoint within the past, i don’t know, 3 month. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to see your blog, what drew me to it was your giving away a million points! I didn’t win but what the hay, it’s still fun to talk and tweet about my daughter’s stuffed toys. I think the generosity and the willing to share attitude of your blog keep me coming back. Thanks for looking out for all of your readers!

  162. Saw your post on boarding area.

  163. I found it via the BoardingArea landing page.

  164. I started reading you on Boarding Area. Enjoy the blog.

  165. I saw an interview of you on Million Mile Secrets and that’s how I started reading your blog.

  166. I found this blog via

  167. I saw it on mile point and was lured by subject line

  168. Boarding Area

  169. I read an interview at Million Mile Secrets, and added you to my list of blogs to read.

  170. I started reading Points Miles and Martinis and after a few weeks of reading that blog I also started checking out other travel blogs on boarding area which is now why I read your blog. 🙂

  171. …and u do a good job!

  172. Found you on Boarding Area.

  173. Boarding Area

  174. I started reading you through Boarding Area.

  175. I found you on Boarding Area!

  176. I found your blog through Boarding Area.

  177. found your blog on Boarding area

  178. Boarding Area lead me to your hive!

  179. Via main site

  180. I found your blog through google search, travel related.

  181. Through boarding!

  182. Via

  183. Another bloggers link to Boarding Area.

  184. I am a newbie in this game trying to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can. I found you via Boarding Area.

  185. My fiance told me about your blog.

  186. Twitter. Happy thanksgiving to all.

  187. Through Gary from view from the wing

  188. Boarding area

  189. Through twitter . Happy thanksgiving to all

  190. sorry entered 2x , but i remembered it was twitter not gARY

  191. I found your blog via

  192. Via the Boarding Area blog

  193. Saw your tweets from @BoardingArea!

  194. main page

  195. Found your blog through Twitter!

  196. Just like many here, BoardingArea!

  197. I started reading your blog when I was searching for flight reviews, and stumbled upon What a great find!

  198. Started to read your blog from

  199. Thanks to BoardingArea!

  200. I found and started reading your blog after doing a search about how to earn frequent flyer miles, I stumbled upon the boarding area and then your blog 🙂

  201. I started reading your blog from the Boarding Area twitter feed.

  202. I started reading your blog after I saw it on Boarding Area

  203. I saw one of your post on the homepage of BoardingArea.

  204. I found you through the main page of Boardingarea.

  205. first through google, most recently through your tweets 🙂

  206. I found your blog while wandering about Boarding Area. I like that you don’t harp on credit card deals, care about the environment, and have a good sense of humor with your blog. So I’ve kept reading!

  207. I saw it on boarding area and the Wall St signed peaked my interest even more. Thanks!

  208. Saw it through view from the wing

  209. Saw it on boarding area!

  210. Saw it from Gary’s blog

  211. I found your blog on Keep up the good work!

  212. Hi, I began reading your blog when I began reading Boarding Area. I have been a follower ever since.

    Hope you have a good Thanksgiving.

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