An Astrological Reading in Thailand


</p><p>While in Thailand this week I had an astrological reading and since Chinese New Year is just around the corner I was curious what the Year of the Snake would hold. It turns out I was born in a snake year as well but 2013 is the Year of the Black Snake, and I wasn't born in a Black Snake year, I was born in a Water Snake year.

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</p><p>Here's what my reading said:

</p><ul><li>Very little will change this year with personal relationships

</li><li>I have to be careful about personal finances. 2012 was a year of fortune for Snakes, but in 2013 I have to be careful not to fritter away my good fortune

</li><li>There will be a change with my job and a new project to work on. I have to watch out for complacency and indifference at work because that could be my downfall

</li><li>This year will be very challenging for me

</li><li>My colors are red and black


</p><p>Will any of this come true?

</p><p>I can tell you one thing for sure…there has been a change w/my job and I do have new projects to work on. So I'm going to pay attention to the rest of the items and not be complacent or indifferent!



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