PlushAdventures: Pacific Paradise at the Chicago Seminars

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Last year while attending the Chicago Seminars, we were looking for an adventure for Saturday night’s dinner.  The power of Google coupled with some crazy phrases led us to a south pacific paradise just a hop, skip and a jump from the Holiday Inn.

One of the terms I searched on was “Moai” as we had just recently returned from Easter Island.  Look what I found in the suburbs of Chicago…


This was just too good to pass up, so off we went to The Tiki Terrace.  The restaurant is located in a strip mall, on a nondescript corner with an entrance of just a regular door with little signage.  But, when you walk through the door, it’s like walking into the south pacific, well kind of.

I called two weeks before the Saturday night we wanted and secured the last table.  The gentleman I spoke with said that this was not uncommon.  Only on Friday and Saturday night do they feature a Dinner and Show which was prefect timing for us.  The menu features Island Cuisine and Tropical Drinks.  I’ll leave it to you to read the full menu on their website.

Who can pass up a drink with an umbrella in it?


The menu offers Packages as well as Show + Entrée options.  We selected the  $24.00 dinner/show charge as the entire table had to select a package and trying to gain consensus on which package to choose was like herding cats that night. It should be noted that beverages, cocktails, appetizers, soups, salads and desserts were then al a carte.

The show began with dancing, music and lots of laughs.  The cast comes out into the audience and invites patrons to also play a role in the show.  The audience was filled with anniversary parties, birthday parties, retirement parties…you name it…as well as all ages.

And what would the night be without Elvis on stage too…


Overall, I would go back in a heartbeat.  We had a great time celebrating a friend’s birthday.  It was an adventurous night of food, plush drinks, fun and laughs.

In the coming months, I will have additional posts on restaurants and activities in the area of the Chicago Seminars.  Who’s up for hitting some golf balls at a two level driving range after dinner?  Stay tuned.

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  1. TheMrPickles | March 8, 2013 at 9:26 pm |

    You can count me in if an event gets set up this year.

  2. Is this 2 story golf place Top Golf?! If it is I like that place!

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