The Truth About Why I Left Boarding Area

Who knew that the conspiracy theorists and drama queens would crawl out of the woodwork to speculate, blog, comment, tweet, etc…about why I left Boarding Area.

Some of the conspiracy theories have given me a good old fashioned laughing fit.  Some have been so absurd I just had to shake my head. I like a good conspiracy, but please, if you’re going to make up a story, at least make it a good one.

Some commented that I’ve picked sides or joined a “camp” – well, let me tell ya’ll, my idea of a camp is a tent over the bed in the St Regis and this isn’t a hockey game, there are no sides.

Here’s the truth – I left Boarding Area to join two great people in an adventure I could call my (our) own. I wanted to offer another perspective on travel blogging, not a better one, just another one.  Even though by day I work with software, I’m a creative person and this is my creative outlet.  That’s it, there’s no conspiracy, no drama, nothing…I just woke up one day in Bangkok and said, let’s do it.

I wanted to be a part of designing a site, building a site, inspiring other bloggers to join us in our mission all while having fun. That’s the truth.

That’s it. Sorry to disappoint but there’s no wars (cold or hot), no conspiracy,  no soap operas, no cliff hangers…

I’m sure this post won’t stop the theorists though – I mean, some people still think we never really landed on the moon!

I hope you enjoy our project and find some great, fun content on First2Board.

5 Comments on "The Truth About Why I Left Boarding Area"


  2. @bababooey, now you know

  3. AZTravelGuy | March 11, 2013 at 3:12 am |

    You may not believe there’s a serious rift but there so clearly is one. If BA sticks to travel only and not hyping earning methods then it will remain above the dissonance.

  4. Knowing absolutely nothing about your position before hand, I’ve had quite a laugh at the different “reasons” floating around myself. Good luck, as it is fun trying to create something for fun and on your own!

  5. @AZTravelGuy – good point.

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