Multiple Travel Personalities: The Entitled Traveler

Yesterday I blogged about multiple travel personalities. It was pointed out that I left one personality type out.  I can’t believe I forgot this travel type. Alas, I didn’t find a smurf to represent this travel type.

The Entitled Traveler Personality

You know who they are instantly. They’re the one that has a melt down when they don’t get the upgrade they are obviously entitled to. They express their dismay and complain to anyone who will listen, rant at management,  post, Tweet about it, blog about it… you get the picture. If you’re continually complaining about “#firstworldproblems”, that might be a sign that you have become one of the entitled travelers.

Traveling with this type can be a real challenge, and can lead to embarrassment for the whole group traveling together. I blogged about this topic last year, and made it my resolution never to be the entitled traveler.  So I can’t believe I actually forgot to add this type of personality to my list yesterday!  But thank you to everyone who pointed it out.

Do you know any Entitled Traveler Personalities?  I sure do!

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