Your 2013 United Million Mile Materials Have Arrived

Yesterday was an exciting mail day as a blue box arrived from United…and there in bold were the magical words “2013 MileagePlus Million Miler materials.”


I am a rookie in the MM world with only one million miler status, but I am now almost halfway to two million miler status.   As you increase you Lifetime flight miles, your Status award also increases.

Some folks still refer to the previous benefits that included system wide upgrades upon achievement of a status level as well as regional upgrades in subsequent years. Times change just like flying patterns.

Now, to the important stuff, opening the box…


In reading the insert, we take note of the phrase “you will never fall below Premier Gold Status.” This is important, as we really like those Gold benefits.  I say we as you will see why below.



Some of our favorite benefits include:

– Complimentary access to Economy Plus at booking
– Premier Access (security, boarding, etc.)
– Lounge access when travelling internationally
– Complementary checked baggage allowance of 3 bags at 70 lbs. each

The 70 lbs. increased limit over 50 lbs. can be a life saver especially when some of the plush family members just have to pack one more thing. J

Our (yes “our”, not mine as I was reminded of last night) favorite benefit is the Annual Companion Premier status where as a million miler you may invite your spouse or significant other to share your current Premier status.  With this, even when we are not traveling together, my significant other has full access to the benefits I have.

In further opening the box, I uncover my new 2013 card as well as two luggage tags which all reflect 1 Million Miler.


And finally, there is what appears to be a paperweight or maybe it is a plaque.  In my house, it will serve as a paperweight.


Yes, there is a pot of gold at the end of all those butt in seat miles.  Hopefully, it will be a platinum pot someday.

3 Comments on "Your 2013 United Million Mile Materials Have Arrived"

  1. So with this 1MM achievement and lifetime gold, would one just need 50k PQMs per year to attain 1k?

  2. @Jon I so wish that was the case, but you start from -0- each year…100,000 PQMs for 1K.

  3. Jack Lovley | November 4, 2015 at 3:15 am |

    So… I just qualified as a Million Miler, and designated my wife as my companion, which gives her the same status as I currently have, which is 1K.
    My question, for anyone out there that has experience with this, is regarding Global Premier and Regional Premier upgrades.
    While my wife’s United FF account shows her as 1K, it does NOT show any Regional or Global upgrades in her bank.
    Since it’s Nov 4th, will they appear after the first of the year, for use next year???
    Or will she NOT get any at all, and simply get the “other” 1K status perks?

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