Call Center Conversations: Got Seoul

Courtesy Associated Press

In the next installation of call center conversations we feature a call with a US Airways representative:

Rep: “Hello, Mr. S. Thank you for calling US Airways. I have your chairman’s account information, what can I help you with?”

Me: “Hi, it’s Ms. S”

Rep: “Oh, I’m so sorry, they don’t show that on our screen”

Me: “It’s okay, can you help me book an award ticket from LA to Seoul?”

Rep: “Of course I can. Did you know Dennis Rodman just went to North Korea?”

Me: “Um, uh, yeah, I heard that.”

Rep: “How long will you be staying in North Korea?”

Me: “Well, I’m actually going to South Korea, to Seoul”

Rep: “Yes, right, let me check if we have a partner that files to South Korea”

Well, luckily she was able to help me book an award flight without much trouble…but she clearly needed a lesson in geography.

Seoul South Korea

Seoul South Korea

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  1. cracks me up, I m in pain….

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