@USAirways pilots meal pre-order service

I got an interesting email this week – since I’m not upgraded on my flight from Charlotte to Phoenix…yet…. I was offered the opportunity to pre-order a fresh meal from USAirways.

USAir meal email

Choices are determined by flight times, and there are a variety of the meals you’d expect to find on board available for pre-order.

 USAir meal pic 2

For my flight, these were the meals available.  I found them a bit pricey, but I think they match up with the prices you pay on board. I could see this being a good option in a few cases. If you have very tight connections and wont have time to stop, this could be a good option. If you like to buy on board, this would ensure you have the meal of your choice in the event they run out of popular items.  This would also be a good option for people with allergies as the ingredients are listed and you could pick something you’re sure you could eat.

usair meal pic 3

Once you make a selection, you’re brought to the page where you can specify your seat assignment (you can also leave it blank if no seat is assigned) and then you’re taken to a payment page. I actually didn’t go through with the purchase because I’m hoping I’ll get upgraded on this flight and if I don’t, I’ll buy something in the airport or bring something on board.

USAir meal pic 1

What do you think? Would you order ahead?

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  1. Did you notice anyone with a pre-order meal on your flight today?

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