Are men armrest hogs?

So here I am blogging from 30,000 feet (on my iPad mind you since my laptop was too big for the tray table) when I realize the guy next to me is a total armrest hog and has now elbowed me in the side about 4 times.  So is this a male thing?

I sit with my arms folded or to my sides, looking around, I see most women doing the same (now I’m sure there are plenty of women who use and hog the armrest) but this does seem to be more of a male trait.  I went in search of some facts.

The Wall Street Journal says “The sexes can fly in different directions when it comes to airplane  preferences, adding stress to an already taxing experience.”  According to the WSJ article, men will insist on having the armrest even when a woman is in the middle seat.  Airline Etiquette says that the person in the middle should get the arm rests.

According to a US Airways study of its frequent fliers, women are more likely to book a window seat and men are by far more likely to book an aisle seat. In the study, women complained overwhelmingly that men take the armrest.

Well, in my case it turns out this guy was more than an armrest hog, he was also a table tray hog. Everything but his spoon & salad dressing was on my tray table. I asked him to move it and do you know what he replied, “when I’m done eating.” I can’t believe I remained calm.


So what do you think? Are men armrest hogs?

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  1. Thats why I always book an aisle seat. Get up when I want, and nobody takes the aisle armrest.

  2. I continue to find that folks in the back of the bus are more considerate…and, when I say back….any row back of the wing exit rows. More flexible in moving things around in the overhead bins, no elbowing, etc. Maybe there is something to that entitlement thing?

  3. Don’t know if men are worse or not, but just reading this got me steamed. What a jerk!

  4. I would have just tossed all of his crap on top of his food.

  5. Yes, in my experience men would be armrest hogs if allowed.
    I too always book aisle seats.

    I can’t believe you remained calm in the face of the tray table hog! Who does that?
    I’d have just put the stuff onto his tray myself and put my table up.

    Another of my favorites is the row-mate who arrived first and put their bag in MY foot space, leaving their feet free.

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