TheMrPickles Identity Leaked Over The Weekend

You know the man behind TheMrPickles as Joshua Pickles. Over the weekend, as news broke that he bought a bank, his true identity was leaked.  Buying a bank is very expensive, so to support TheMrPickles, the founders of First2Board have worked to come out with a commemorative coin in his honor.  This $5 coin will be sold at an introductory rate of $5 dollars, but as you know, anything associated with TheMrPickles brand is sure skyrocket in value.  Just look at what he’s done today for First2Board. Before I show you the coin, let me tell you who TheMrPickles really is.

Mr. Pickles had a very troubled and unfortunate life until he discovered how to fend for himself in the travel hacking world.  His mother and father were kidnapped from Kazakhstan when they were 21 and 22 respectively and were victims of what we now call human trafficking. They were sent to the United States where they were forced to worked on an egg farm in Oceanside California. When he was born, his parents gave him the name Iago. So there you have it folks, TheMrPickles is Iago and no, his last name is not Pickles.  So where did Pickles come from?

As a young boy, he spent hours helping his mother pickle cucumbers to use in their favorite Kazakhstani dishes. At the age of five, he was taken away from his parents and sold through a black-market adoption agency for approximately $600. He was separated from his only sister and brother, never to see them again. Throughout the years he thought of his real parents frequently and the only memories he had were of the egg farm and making pickling cucumbers with his mother. As a teenager, his adopted parents made him work to pay for everything he was given. He swore that he would work hard and make enough money so that he could find his real parents one day.

Desperate to find his parents, he began learning how to purchase money.  He bought a pet parrot to remind himself of the egg farm and gave him the name, Mr Pickles, to remember his mother’s hobby.  His search for his parents cost him almost $2million.  Sadly, he never found his parents, but through his efforts, discovered his love of travel and coins.

Today, Iago or Joshua as he calls himself, lives in Southern California and as you know, is one of the preeminent experts in the travel world. He used the money he purchased to buy the egg farm where his parents once worked and where he was born.  Today, the farm only sells free-range eggs because he can’t stand the idea of anything or anyone being caged.  In addition to the egg farm, he runs dozens of blogs and has numerous aliases.

Independent and free, he can now spread his wings and fly anywhere in the world!  So we are very proud to have Iago blogging with us and for that reason, we’re making this coin.  All proceeds will be deposited into a special account at Mr. Pickles new bank to fund lavish parties at The Chicago Seminars.

mr pickles coin

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  1. I misread “Iago” as “Lego” and thought the punchline would come as “Lego of my egg-o”

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