Freddie Award and F2B RFID Credit Card Sleeves confuse TSA

Yesterday, after the FTU seminars, I headed to DCA. I got in the priority lane and noticed that the two people in front of me had MilePoint luggage tags.  I asked if they’d been at the seminar. It turns out that I was standing behind Tommy – the man behind the program.  As we waited – the line wasn’t the quickest – we chatted and waited for our turn to go through security.

As I waited for my bags to come through the x-ray machine, I noticed that person Tommy was traveling with had been stopped by TSA. Apparently, the Freddie Award she had packed in her bag had confused TSA.  Next thing I know, TSA was asking to search my bag.  It’s not everyday that you see two very frequent flyers pulled over by TSA.


The agent who searched my bag pulled out a box of left-over RIFD Credit Card Sleeves that we were handing out at FTU.  It seems that a box of 500 RFID sleeves looks like something else in the x-ray!  So after checking my luggage and re-scanning the cards, I was allowed to go.

rfid sleeve copy

Ironically, I got to say hello to a work-colleague in the security line who was in DC with his family for the weekend (not related to FTU).  It’s such a small world – it was great to finally meet Tommy (we’d exchanged a few emails earlier in the year) – and talk about FTU and F2B.

It was also nice to have a chuckle over the fact that the award and then my RFID sleeves caused TSA some challenges.  The lesson learned – ship the RFID sleeves to Chicago for the Chicago Seminars.

9 Comments on "Freddie Award and F2B RFID Credit Card Sleeves confuse TSA"

  1. Or mail them to your faithful and loving readers!

  2. @James

    I have several for you.

  3. @James – we’ll be happy to! Email me your address

  4. @theMrPickles

    You are too kind. Whenever you are around Carlsbad. I will deliver a Starbucks in return.

  5. I missed you at #FTUDC. Any chance I can get a couple of those RFID card sleeves?

  6. @Phil M sure, just email me – and we’ll send some!

  7. That’s the old Freddie statue. The new one looks like a voss bottle.

  8. @Wandering Aramean – thanks! Never seen one in person. Have a pic I could use? PS – I missed meeting you this weekend.

  9. These would be great for the backup debit and credit cards that I keep in the car….better safe than sorry!

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