First2Board Secrets Revealed

If you haven’t noticed, a lot is happening at First2Board!  We launched on March 1st with a huge bang and haven’t stopped growing since.  We started with 11 amazing bloggers – and even had to wait for a public vote on whether or not TheMrPickles should join F2B or not! We’re glad he did!

What happened to our homepage?  Well, it’s simple, we listen! After hearing feedback from our bloggers, readers and folks on the forums we decided to clean up the homepage and make it more simple.  We also heard our bloggers and some of them wanted new designs for their sites too! And we’re in the process of doing that now.

In the first month we gave away trips, Tumi, points, gift certificates and more!  We’ll continue that fun throughout the year – hint – look for a huge Cinco de Mayo giveaway!

First2Board will be a sponsor of The Chicago Seminars and we’re working on something very special with TheMrPickles! Stay tuned for more details… but be assured, you will not want to miss the seminars!

One month after our launch we’re excited to announce that we’re growing again. In the month of may we’ll be adding a lot of great bloggers. In the next few weeks you’ll see these new blogs




Brian Cohen, who writes The Gate at Flyertalk, is joining First2Board with a second blog (don’t worry, The Gate is not going anywhere) called What’s Your Point. Brian will provide a unique perspective on all the latest on the blogs (F2B Bloggers aren’t off limits), the forums and more.




Debra, who writes Traveling Well For Less will move her blog over to First2Board this month.

Sean, the author of FreakWentFlying will restart his blog on First2Board this month with a look at how to travel plus much more.

Also joining First2Board are established bloggers like The Frugal Travel Lawyer, Will Run For Miles and a mystery blogger who we will announce in about two week (I love a good mystery/secret!)

The Taxiway, F2Bs blog for guest posts is taking off (get it…taxiway…taking off) and the air traffic controller (aka Editor) will be Susan (known as @MiffSC on twitter).   One of the very first guest bloggers you’ll see is Perryplatypus. We’re really looking forward to seeing what he’s writing!

If you’re interesting in joining First2Board as a blogger, or guest blogger, please email me at stacey@first2board or fill out this form.

You may have also noticed our launch of F2B Deals – a site dedicated to travel deals! This site is not a blog, there’s zero editorial content, only travel deals that the manager of F2B Deals think you might like!





We hope you’re as excited as we are about all of the changes around First2Board! Here’s to another great month.

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