Holy Light Delays Flights on May 4th

Saturday, May 4th is Holy Saturday and Aegean Airlines, a Star Alliance Partner, has rescheudled 4 domestic flights due to the transfer of the Holy Light. Apparently, the Holy Light, also referred to as Holy Fire, is flown to several countries, including Greece, by special flights, being received with honors by state leaders. It appears that Aegean has the honor of transporting the Holy Light through Greece.

Here is the information from Aegean about the changes:
Due to the transfer of the Holy Light, Aegean has rescheduled 4 domestic flight sectors as follows :

Α3 406 Athens – Corfu, Departure from Athens at 1940 instead of 1840
Α3 407 Corfu – Athens, Departure from Corfu at 2110 instead of 2010
Α3 378 Athens – Mykonos, Departure from Athens at 1945 instead of 1845
Α3 379 Mykonos – Athens, Departure from Mykonos at 2050 instead of 1950

I could not find any other information about other airlines transporting the Holy Light – have you heard about this before or know of airlines transporting the Holy Light?

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