Forget Alcohol, Turkish Airlines Bans Red Lipstick and Nailpolish

You thought the ban of alcohol on certain flights was bad? Well today there’s news via Reuters that Turkish has banned their female flight attendants from wearing red lipstick or nail polish.

Turkish Airlines told Reuters the move was about “improved communication with passengers.”  Hmmm…I guess it’s hard to understand someone with red lips?

I flew Turkish last year and really enjoyed the flight.  Their business class was nice for a short-haul flight and the crew was very friendly, though I’d heard the opposite from some fellow travelers.

As the National Airline of Turkey, I suppose they can enforce any rules they want upon their staff, but I think it’s a bit extreme.  I wonder if pink is okay?

What do you think?

7 Comments on "Forget Alcohol, Turkish Airlines Bans Red Lipstick and Nailpolish"

  1. I think they are doing that to tone down the “excitement” from too much sex appeal? Maybe?

  2. You should try understanding someone with nail polish on! That is HARD!!! 😛

  3. Dont know what the fuss is all about.. Let them do whatever they want…

  4. When I saw the bit about nail polish in the title of the post, I got excited because I thought that finally an airline was banning PASSENGERS from bringing nail polish on board and giving themselves in-flight mani-pedis. (I’ve seen it happen! The smell is bad enough on the ground, but it’s even worse inside a plane!)

  5. WOW! Red nail polish is the color I wear the most. So is red lipstick. I guess I better be careful if I ever try to fly Turkish so I don’t get banned from my flight.

  6. Turkish actually has banned alcohol service on many of its domestic flights. The banning of lipstick and polish is supposedly so that the colors do not clash with the colors of the new (ugly and ultra-conservative) uniforms. Many in Turkey think it is a conservative move on the part of the government which is now headed by a much more conservative Islamic group. The government owns a large stake in TK.

  7. @Angelina, I think you’re right. Much more in line with Islamic practices.

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