Sold Out Town – A points redemption saves the wallet

By Plush Adventures

On the first Saturday in May, Omaha, Nebraska rolls out the red carpet for the arrival of the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. For months, I looked for a hotel room for Friday and Saturday night. I could find one night here and then one night there; my goal was to find two consecutive nights at one property that didn’t break the bank. Every few days, I would check availability, and then there it was.

The Sheraton Omaha was selling rooms at $199 or SPG Starpoints availability at the weekend rate of 3,000 per night. 3,000 SPG points was a value number in my book, so I clicked away.

As the hotel’s renovation was just recently completed, I was excited to experience the refreshed property. On both Friday and Saturday night, the property was sold out with 219 rooms occupied. The indoor atrium pool was refreshing, the whirlpool was a splash and the gym was great for a quick workout. The complementary Wi-Fi was awesome…especially taking into account a sold out hotel.

The beds were new and plush.

Coffee and water. Please take note that there are three bottles. One was a free SPG bottle and two had $3.00 in very fine print almost hidden on the tags…tricky!

The bathroom had a nicely stocked supply of amenities.

The shower – the showerhead was a FAIL no matter what setting and let’s not forget that shiny large metal handle bar. My elbow still hurts from hitting it so many times.

On Friday night, a fruit plate and bottle of wine from the General Manager included a welcome letter with transit times for the BRK Annual Meeting…very nice touch

Overall, I would recommend this hotel; we look forward to returning for BRK2014.



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