In The First 83

Eighty-three days that is. First2Board launched 83 days ago.  Seems like it was yesterday Dennis, who writes Lufthansa Flyer, Casey who is our Tech Guru and I launched First2Board.

As we’ve grown from our initial 10 blogs, we’ve continued to add a unique mix of travel bloggers – some new, some experienced, some who haven’t blogged in ages and some who have cult-like followings (yes, I mean The Mr. Pickles.)  From the Star Alliance Hub where you’ll find the latest news from Star Alliance (p.s. – there’s a code for $150 off an Air Canada flight in the US or Canada on the site right now)  to our newest blogger Points Princess who’s riding her bike across the country – you’re sure to find something that appeals to you.

At the end of almost 3 months, we now have 19 bloggers (16 active blogs & 3 about to launch any day now.)   We’re also excited because we’ll continue to add a few more bloggers this month (above the 19 I already mentioned) and we have another big announcement about a F2B event! You’ll hear more about that in about two-weeks time.

We measure our success in many ways – we rely on data analytics but we also look at engagement and feedback from our bloggers, friends and readers.

In addition to Google Analytics, we use a tool called  Alexa is like a websites credit score in some ways.  It’s measures sites globally and domestically.  Our traffic is growing quickly!  We went from not even being on the charts to being ranked 19,567 in the US. 


Our readers are engaged! We love it!  Our pageviews per visitor are double what other sites saw in the last 83 days.  Readers also spend a good amount of time on First2Board – an average of 7 minutes.

engagement is growing by leaps and bounds – and we’re here to stay. This is because of our readers – you!  Over the first 83 we’ve done a lot, and we promise there’s a lot more to come.  Thanks a heap!

4 Comments on "In The First 83"

  1. Wow, all of First2Board’s 19 bloggers collectively don’t even beat out the moribund Frugal Travel Guy? I’m surprised, I would have thought y’all were better than that. Guess not.

    And I wonder, has the Alexa ranking “shot up” (if you can call it that) with any artificial help like paying someone on $5er to help with your ranking or downloading the Alexa toolbar? 😉

  2. Re: John M.’s comment – well, at least I know F2B does not censor comments…. congrats on on the milestone.

  3. Impressive numbers indeed for just 83 days! Thank you for making me check Alexa numbers to amuse myself:-)

  4. @TravelBloggerBuzz – glad we gave you something to do in your ‘spare’ time!

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