Famous Fashion Flies

Did you know that some of the best designers in the world are responsible for some of the flight attendant uniforms you see in the air every day? From years gone to current day trends, designers are setting their sights on the sky. Along with the American Airlines new paint job for their planes, they also plan to introduce new uniforms designed by KaufmanFranco no signs yet of what those uniforms may look like. But here are a few other designer uniforms you may be familiar with:

Designer Pucci was engaged to design these Qantas uniforms

Today’s Qantas uniforms are designed by Peter Morrisey

Balenciaga designed these uniforms for Oman Air

Christian Lacroix designed these Air France uniforms even though his design house went into bankruptcy!

Eddie Lau, one of Hong Kong’s leading fashion designers created the uniforms for Cathay Pacific

Banana Republic has designed the uniforms for Virgin America

Giorgio Armani for Alitalia

You might recognize this one – designed by Richard Tyler, this uniform for Delta appeared in the 2006.

 What’s your favorite designer uniform?

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