Most Bizarre Statement Of The Week: @OneMileAtATime “JetBlue Even More Space on par with the 1st class…”

“JetBlue already offers “Even More Space” seating, which I’d say is almost on par with the first class products offered by many airlines domestically”

I read a lot of blogs. Some I read regularly, other I read when a headline catches my eye. I’m sure many of you do the same. I like to find humor in blogging because, let’s face it, we’re not saving lives or ending world hunger (yet.) I have a regular column I write called “Call Center Conversations” where I relay funny conversations that stem from phoning a call center.  Now, I’m adding a weekly column called “Most Bizarre Statement Of The Week” and my statements are fare game too…so are all my fellow F2B bloggers.

This week’s statement comes from OneMileAtATime.  I was intrigued by the title of the post “JetBlue adding suites with doors on transcons?!”  Another late April Fool’s Day joke? No, this is no joke. It does seem as though Jet Blue is making some pretty big changes.

The most bizarre comparison I’ve heard in a while is that Jet Blue’s Even More Space product is on par with the first class products offered by many airlines domestically.  Huh?  Okay, maybe Even More Space is on par with first class products on RJs  – is that what Lucky meant?  Now that Jet Blue has made its way to Charleston, I’ve flown them about 1/2 a dozen times and each time in Even More Space seats.  I wouldn’t compare them the first class products offered by many domestic airlines though.
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