New Airbus Luggage Leverages iPhone App

Airbus, yes, the people who make the planes, announced what they’re calling “the reinvention of baggage.”  The bag prototype labeled “smart,” features an RFID chip that will allow a passenger to track their bag throughout their trip. Airbus says this could eliminate the risk of mishandled baggage for good.

RFID technology used in the “Bag2Go” will be recognized by automated airport and airline baggage systems which connect bags to a passenger’s specific itinerary, and using mobile technology and other location-based technologies such as GPS, will track the luggage.

There is an  iPhone app “Find My Bag” feature that will let  passengers check whether their bag has made it onto their flight, and trace its location. The Bag2Go concept, developed in partnership with Rimowa and T-Mobile, could change the baggage process forever.

In a press release, Airbus, the developer of the A380 double-deck jet and the A350 jetliner, explained that the Bag2Go is still in its development stages, but eventually could become available for just 20% more than traditional luggage, and could also be rented from airlines and airports.

“The value for passengers is clear, but where is the added value for Airbus?” Barbaux asked. “That’s the point, we are really working on the business model today. We have the idea but need to find ways to get revenue back. The airlines would run the scheme, so it might be by licensing.”

I would personally never rent luggage from an airline or airport for multiple reasons including frequency of travel but also because of germs. I do love the idea of RFID luggage and the Bag2Go. The idea takes the existing services 1 step further putting you in control. The iPhone and this type of technology will reduce the passenger’s frustration level if and when bags go missing. Now you’ll know where there are.

I look forward to seeing the final bag.

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