Most Bizarre Statement Of The Week: From PointSummary “It could be a murder weapon”

In case you missed it, Points Summary blogged about survey he responded to and wondered if he’d gotten a hotel employee fired.  The post qualifies as most bizarre post in my opinion, not just most bizarre statement of the week. The post starts by stating:

“Upon checking out of a hotel room suite, I found a large black knife and an unopened condom underneath the sofa cushion.”

You found this upon checking out?  I still haven’t figured out how one finds things like this “upon checking out”, but that’s not the most bizarre statement.  The writer then goes on to say:

“My friend opened the knife and the blade was razor sharp. We couldn’t figure out how to close it so we panicked and left it on the dining room table over a white hand towel with a note to housekeeping.”

Okay, multiple bizarre statements here. You couldn’t figure out how to close it, so you panicked and left it on the dining room table on a white (thanks for specifying) towel with a note for housekeeping?  I’ll get back to this statement later.   Next Points Summary (PS) says:

“I was thinking to myself what if this knife was used to commit a crime and could be potential evidence”

If it was used to commit a crime, I’m sure the police appreciated you opening the knife and putting it on a white towel. So did you think you’d eliminated yourself as a suspect by leaving a note?

When he checks out of the hotel, Points Summary alerts the front desk and the agent does nothing. After he “went on my merry way” PS received a survey and relayed the story in the survey.  He’s contacted by the GM and has several communications with the GM.  The most bizarre statement comes from those communications

“I didn’t know how to handle the large knife situation so I put it on a towel in the dining table. I don’t know what housekeeping did with it but please follow up… It could be a murder weapon, lost and found item?”

Yes, it’s easy to see how one would assume it was a murder weapon or, on the other-hand, a lost and found item.  It could be a murder weapon?  Gee, if it was a murder weapon I hope you didn’t get fingerprints all over it when you picked it up, opened and and then left it on a white towel.   Apparently the author has quite the imagination. In the comments he adds, “The large knife with a combination of a condom ringed kidnapping/rape in my head.”  I’m not even sure I know what that means exactly, but now we’ve gone from murder weapon to kidnapping/rape!

Good post? Yes, in that it’s interesting to discuss how responses to a survey impact the careers of service industry employees; but it’s an incredibly bizarre set of deductions made by the author.

What do you think?

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3 Comments on "Most Bizarre Statement Of The Week: From PointSummary “It could be a murder weapon”"

  1. Nick Summy | June 17, 2013 at 4:41 pm |

    I read that post last night and just had to shake my head. Some people either watch too much tv or lead very sheltered lives. You also left out the part about the UNused condom. Later in the comments he said he thought maybe a kidnapping and rape happened. The clerk at the front desk probably didn’t give him the time of day because of the ridiculousness of the whole matter. Kudos on getting a service worker who is underpaid to begin with fired though.

  2. re: finding it upon checking out — I always give my hotel room a thorough inspection before checking out, just in case something may have rolled under the bed (or slipped between the cushions, if I’m lucky enough to have had a room with a sofa).

    PS may have overreacted with the murder speculation, but I agree the knife should have been reported just in case it was used in a crime. The fingerprints will be gone, but at least there’s evidence that a knife was present. I think the manager went overboard in possibly firing an employee and hiring additional room inspectors. Hopefully that was a CYA measure on his part, and the cleaning staff got a mere reminder to check under sofa cushions.

    my theories: knife either belonged to a hunter/fisherman or a safety-minded escort. 🙂

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