23 Karat Gold Infused Olive Oil From Starwood

I love surprises, when they’re good. Today there was a knock at the door and a the UPS guy had a big brown box for me with a very distinctive purple sticker on it.  I can spot those purple Starwood stickers from a mile away now.


I carefully unpacked the box and found the coolest thing inside. It was a bottle, wrapped up very nicely, surrounded by tons of little brown paper and a lovely note from my Starwood Ambassador. (A Starwood Ambassador is assigned to people who stay more than 100 nights a year, and they can help you with all of your travel needs. I love mine.)


What was inside that neatly packaged bottle? Something I’ve never seen before…a bottle of 23 karat gold infused olive oil! The Gold Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Here’s the product description: Handcrafted on our small, sixteenth century, family-owned estate in the Tuscan hillside of Bolgheri, each bottle of Gold Reserve Premium Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made using only the most-cared-for-olives pressed and infused with 23-Karat flakes of edible gold.

So now the gold infused olive oil sits next to the limited edition Silver Limited Edition Belvedere Vodka that I got last year from the St Regis and Starwood’s social media team. 

Have you ever tried gold infused olive oil?  I can’t wait.

7 Comments on "23 Karat Gold Infused Olive Oil From Starwood"

  1. All they ever send me is a bill 🙁

  2. @Matt, I pay a lot of bills to get free stuff 🙂

    @Food Wine, Miles – that’s probably right up your ally! Maybe we can open it in September.

  3. Very cool! I’m surprised your SPG ambassador is actually useful compared to what I’ve heard from others!

  4. @Jimmy, my ambassador is awesome. Just ask for a new one if yours isn’t helpful, they’ll switch you.

  5. GetToThePoints | June 26, 2013 at 1:00 pm |

    I got a Kate Spade bag. Out of the blue!!!

  6. @toddreg , that’s cool! They’re really expensive

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