Charleston,SC 787 Dreamliner Experience!

Boeing rolled out the red-carpet, so to speak, in Charleston, SC this weekend to introduce the  Boeing 787 Dreamliner Flight Tracker software.  This new tool will allow you to track  flights and explore unique vantage points using FlightAware data and views provided by Google Earth.

The New interactive online experience lets users all over explore the 787 Dreamliner and Boeing let locals get in on the 787 Dreamliner Flight Tracker experience here in Charleston.

Imagine how surprised I was to see the Boeing folks out today when I arrived at the Charleston Farmers Market in Marion Square. This is very cool (even if it’s not easy to photograph in the bright sun, and thanks to the people who let me snap them!)   For those of you joining us in Charleston for the Charleston Sessions “aka Do”, you never know what you might get to see (hint, hint.) I’m really glad I made it to the market today and hope you all will join me there in September!




Google Earth View of Current 787 Flights


List of Current 787 Flight


360 degree view of Japan Airlines (JAL) current flight

The 787 Flight Tracker will allow users to:

  1. Track all in-progress 787 flights using FlightAware data
  2. Geographically position 787 flights using Google Earth with tremendous mapping accuracy
  3. Explore 360 degree views of all 787s in flight in airline livery
  4. Experience virtual window views, 360 degree views and views using Google Earth at the click of a button
  5. Interact with a list view of current customer airlines, flight number, status, time en route, origin, destination and direct booking availability
  6. Customize Google Earth features such as adding country borders, zooming to city detail or freely rotating the planet to desired view

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