Thailand’s “Find Your Fabulous” Campaign Targets “Medical” Tourists

If you’ve visited Thailand, you’ve likely noticed the hospital VIP lounges in the airports catering to the so-called “medical” tourist. Those tourists who come to Thailand from wealthy countries for low-cost, high-quality (in many cases, but not all) medical care ranging from plastic surgery to dental care.  It’s a phenomenon that the country is now capitalizing on.

BANGKOK, July 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) joins hand with Thai Airways International, Asia Web Direct, and more than 30 leading providers of health, beauty, and spa treatments to launch a digital marketing initiative promoting the country’s thriving health and wellness industry.

The campaign takes aim at women in the Asia-Pacific market, including Thailand, who are looking for ways to rediscover themselves. The offer is for a wide selection of exclusive deals on wellness and beauty treatments, spa packages, and hotel stays in Thailand.

According to TAT’s Governor, Mr. Suraphon Svetasreni, “From studies on medical tourists’ behaviors, we learned that most of them research and book reservations for health and beauty services online. So we launched the ‘Find Your Fabulous‘ digital marketing campaign to promote the health and beauty segment of Thailand’s tourism industry.

“Fortunately for us, and for medical travelers, over 30 leading providers of wellness-related services including clinics, spas, and health centers signed up to offer over 150 packages of exclusive health, beauty, and hotel deals that allow tourists from all over the world to book online and receive special pricing,” he added.

Mr. Suvadhana Sibunruang, Thai Airways’ Director Brand Management and Commercial Communications says, “Thai Airways has always put an emphasis on online marketing and we believe that with our strong network of online channels including websites and social media, as well as the many members of our Royal Orchid Plus (ROP) program, we will be able to expand the marketing and promotion efforts of this campaign and take it to a higher level of success.”

Mr. Olivier Dombey, Executive General Manager of Asia, Wotif Group and Asia Web Direct, adds, “Australia has really good potential for this sort of promotion and is one tourist market that beauty clinics would benefit from focusing on.  Asia Web Direct is a leading online travel agent with a huge Australian customer base, so we are confident that our network of websites, including , will be able to successfully promote the exclusive deals of the ‘Find Your Fabulous‘ campaign.”

TAT’s Governor adds that the “Find Your Fabulous” campaign will strengthen the image of Thailand as the leading beauty and wellness destination in Asia.  We estimate that the promotion will generate more that 50 million Baht of income for health, beauty, and wellness providers in Thailand.”

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