#Fridaythe13th Travel Superstition & Travel Facts

Are you a superstitious person? Did you know that many people have travel superstitions?  Since this is the first Friday the 13th I’ve traveled on, I thought I’d find out what superstitions people have and what interesting Friday the 13th travel facts I could find.

– A US Airways gate agent said this “Some people refuse to sit in row 13 on Friday the 13th”

– Some British Airways planes have no row 13 – they go from 12 to 14.

– According to Kayak.com, airfares on Friday the 13th are between 6-10% higher than any other Friday in the same month.

– According to NBC, Franklin D Roosevelt wouldn’t fly on Friday the 13th

– Finnair flew flight #666 to HEL (Helsinki) today – the flight departed early and arrived on time

– Apollo 13 launched at 13:13 and crashed on April 13th

– In 1949 a British South American Airways flight was lost in the Bermuda Triangle. There were 13 passengers on board.

–  The worst Friday the 13th air crash occurred in October 1972 when Uruguayan flight crashed in the Andes mountains. (You may have seen the movie)  The survivors were stranded on a mountainside at an altitude of 3,600 metres (11,800ft) with little food. It would be 72 days before they were rescued. Faced with starvation they were forced to eat the dead. Only 16 people of the original 45 passengers made it through this terrible ordeal.

– On the same Friday the 13th in which the flight carrying rugby players from Uruguay crashed into the Andes, leading to their historic struggle for survival and rescue, made famous by the book “Alive,” another air crash occurred half way around the world.Friday October 13, 1972, an Aeroflot Il-62 airplane carrying 176 people . On the third attempt to land, the plane crashed into a large pond about 4 miles short of the airport. There were no survivors.

– Some super-superstitious flyers won’t fly on flight number 508 – it adds up to 13 – on Friday the 13th,  this according to Air France

The next Friday the 13th? December 13, 2013.

Did you travel today?  How was your travel?

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