How Status Crazy Are You?

As I sat at the Chicago Seminars a few weeks ago, it struck me that there are varying levels of crazy.  From the mildly crazy to the full blown asylum crazy, you’ll find all types.

When I started my blogging, almost 4 years ago now, I wrote about almost everything travel related as long as it related to me.  Points and miles promos, award trips, flight and hotel reviews, etc… As time’s gone on, I have narrowed my focus and within the last 6 months decided to primarily focus on travel and destination posts (hotel reviews, what to do, what to eat, etc…) Occasionally I’ll still write about something points or miles related if I really feel strongly about the subject.

So today I was texting with a friend and asked him if he’d be in Dallas next week.  He said yes and asked why.  At first, I was a little wary about telling him the ‘real’ reason I would be in Dallas.  It’s not for a business trip, it’s not specifically to see him, it’s…eh…to get more status.   There are plenty of people out there (I’m thinking of one in particular right now) who will tell you status is stupid, you shouldn’t chase status, etc… My feeling is – to each is own. We all have to accept our own level of crazy.

I am loyal to Starwood and will do more to maintain Starwood status than I would do to maintain airline status.  I don’t do mileage runs – I’m not that type of crazy.

Starwood has several levels of Preferred Guest recognition.

Gold – 10 eligible stays or 25 eligible nights in a calendar year

Platinum – 25 eligible stays or 50 eligible nights in a calendar year

Beyond that, there are several other types of recognition  For Platinums Who Achieve 50 and 75 Nights Annually

SPG 50 Nights Benefit

  • Take an upgrade when it matters to you most. Receive 10 Suite Night Awards8 which can be redeemed for upgrades to suites and select premium rooms. Confirmed starting 5 days prior to arrival and subject to availability.

SPG 75 Nights Benefit

  • 4 Starpoints for every eligible US dollar spent – a 100% bonus over the Preferred level, and the richest earning bonus in the hotel industry.
  • Your24™ – have the flexibility of choosing your check-in. For example, check in at 9 p.m. and check out 9 p.m. day of departure.

SPG 100 Nights Benefit

Our highest level of service. Imagine having a single point of contact who can help make everything fall into place when you travel. That’s exactly the kind of personalized service SPG ambassadors provide. They handle everything from room preferences to restaurant reservations to special occasions. Just tell them what you need, and they’ll work to make it happen any day of the year.

Introducing SPG Lifetime Platinum!

The best things in life – for life. Never go below Platinum membership level when you achieve 500 eligible nights total and any 10 years of Platinum SPG status.

On October 15th of this year I reached the 100 night threshold – and I still have about 20-25 nights planned this year.  But why should I stop at 100?  Technically, there’s nothing beyond 100 – or is there?

I’ve learned throughout the last 12-18 months that Starwood likes surprises almost as much – or maybe more – than I do!  I think I had about 100 – 102 nights last year (2012) which qualified me for the SPG 100 Nights Benefit – an SPG Ambassador.  I didn’t plan what hotel’s I’d stay in very strategically – it was more about 1) making sure I stayed at every single Starwood hotel in Thailand and 2) finding the best prices that fit within my budget.

This spring I recived a very special package of chocolates from Starwood.  Inside the package was a notecard that included a very special surprise – 3 free nights at any hotel – up to category 6.  Why did I receive this?  I was one of 200 guests that had stayed at 1 of every Starwood brand in 2012 (St. Regis, Luxury Collection, Le Meridien, W, Westin, Sheraton, Aloft, Element, and Four Points by Sheraton).  This was an unadvertised promotion and it was an awesome surprise.  In addition to this awesome surprise, I’ve also received several other goodies throughout the year.


Now, I have no idea if they’ll do the same thing this year – and no one at SPG is spilling the beans either – but once again, I’ve stayed at almost every brand – without any special planning.  I realized this week that I’d not stayed at an Element hotel.  I’ve been looking for opportunities, but there are only 10 open in the US and 1 open in Canada (there are locations planned for China, Germany and Oman.)

Since I didn’t find any natural trips that would get me a night at the Element, I looked for US locations that I could get to cheaply and easily.   Since there’s a location near Dallas Fort Worth airport, I thought it would be a great excuse to see a friend and get some shopping done.  So that’s my crazy!  I’m going to Dallas for 2 days so that I can say I’ve stayed at all of Starwood’s brands.

What’s your crazy?


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7 Comments on "How Status Crazy Are You?"

  1. Miles, Points, and Mai Tais | October 25, 2013 at 5:10 pm |

    I’m Mileage Run crazy, but I think you already knew that 😉 Currently week 6 out of 12. Halfway there!

  2. Agreed, I’d rather take hotel status than airline status. By the way since you mention it, here’s a good Element hotel if you ever go to Miami.

  3. The Deal Mommy | October 26, 2013 at 11:29 am |

    This is a really fun question! I try to be pretty agnostic about such things, but the Hyatt/Mlife is just too profitable to sit out. Going for the Hyatt Diamond challenge (12 nights in 60) piggybacking with 10 nights in Vegas treated as Mlife Platinum was a whole lotta special treatment! I see a lot of the IAD Hyatt mattress runs and Luxor visits in my future.

  4. MLife stays do NOT count towards the Hyatt challenge anymore. I was specifically told this directly by two different Chase reps via SM. As soon as TPG wrote the article about doing $25 Excalibur stays to get Hyatt Diamond they killed the deal and immediately told all their reps to specifically tell anyone requesting the challenge. Now it comes as standard language when you get approved for the challenge. You must have done the challenge before then? There’s a whole Flyertalk thread about it.

  5. The Deal Mommy | October 27, 2013 at 12:38 pm |

    It was over the summer when the rules were less clear. I had 11 Hyatt and 8 Mlife in 60 days, so they let it slide;) Then I gambled just enough during my stay that crazy stuff like this started showing up in my inbox…Mlife Email Now I’m well and truly hooked!

  6. I’ll second the Starwood crazy. I only have Gold status, and yet that’s gotten me several upgrades (“parking lot view” vs “ocean view”) and enough other goodies to keep me coming back for more. I’ll go out of my way to stay at a Starwood property, and – here comes the crazy – I can get really grumpy when it isn’t an option at my destination.

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