A Lesson In Customer Service From Austrian Airlines

Airlines take note, Austrian Airlines has just set the bar for personalised customer service.   I follow Austrian Airlines, a member of the Star Alliance and subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group, but have never seen this type of response to a complaint lodged via social media. This may be an airline first.

The saga starts back in July, 2013, when Susan who writes Southern Travel Girl (a First2Board Blog) flew Austrian Airlines and was disappointed that their iconic Vienna Coffee service was not available on her flight.  After sending some emails and taking to twitter, Susan wrote a post about her experience.

Almost a month after her original tweets, and two months after her flight, Austrian’s social media team responded.

Fast forward two months and there’s a knock at Susan’s door. Fedex delivered a package from Austrian Airlines.  Now, Susan knew the package was coming – she had to give them her contact info – but she had no idea what was inside the huge box!  (Photos courtesy Southern Travel Girl)

Shortly after Susan opened the box I got a very strange email. In fact, I thought it was spam…maybe a virus. Beyond the subject line, all the email contained was a link to a You Tube video.  I didn’t click on the link, for fear of infection, until my business partner replied to the email saying it was the most amazing thing he’d seen.  Boy, was he right! Take a look at the video for yourself, I’m sure you’ll agree.


Austrian Airlines took the time to personalize a video and send a full coffee service set, embossed with the Austrian logo, to Susan. Amazing marketing and even more amazing customer service!  Susan recently wrote about her experience and the lovely gift.

I was stunned at the gesture and to be honest, even more stunned that it was Austrian Airlines who had set the bar – and boy did they set it pretty high.   Have you ever seen anything like this from an airline?

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