What You Didn’t know About The Hotel Kamp

Point Summary did a two part review of the Hotel Kamp focusing on his amazing suite and the hotel’s breakfast.  What he didn’t tell you was that the 125-year old, Starwood Luxury Collection hotel is steeped in history.

The Hotel Kamp , located in Helsinki, Finland, was first opened in 1887 by restaurateur Carl Kamp. The hotel featured the first lift (elevator) in Finland and it amazed guests. The hotel has 179 guest rooms and suites.

The hotel fell into disrepair and was purchased by a banking group, at the protest of the public.  The hotel structure was well preserved and in 1969 was restored with an exact replica of the original facade. Additionally, they added a 6th floor which replicated a level added in 1914.  The building was occupied by the KOP banking group until 1997 when it was restored as a hotel opening to the pubic in 1999.

The owners took great pains to make sure all the details, furniture, chandeliers, and flooring were exact reproductions of the original items which had survived years of neglect.

Hotel Kamp Modern Hotel Kamp

Images Courtesy Starwood Hotels

Marshal Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim stayed at Hotel Kämp during the whole summer of 1919 after serving as the Supreme Commander of the Finnish Army during the 1818 War of Liberation.  Legend also says that Mannerheim met with Adolf Hitler at the Hotel Kamp during the Winter War of 1939.  The hotel has named a suite after Marshal Mannerheim.

The Hotel began another round of renovations in 2012 to restore even more and bring the rooms up-to-date.  The Hotel also saw the spotlight in 2012 when an American woman sued Starwood Hotels and the Hotel claiming that a hotel clerk gave a drunk man a key to her room where she was attacked. She gained public attention when her attorney, Gloria Allred, held a pubic press conference.

To this day, the Hotel Kamp remains the only 5-star hotel in Finland.

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