Where Was I In 2013

December always makes me think about the year past and what’s ahead.  It’s hard to believe that I launched First2Board 9 months ago! What an adventure it’s been and I’m looking forward to many more great years ahead. I have to thank everyone I work with for making it possible.

During 2013 I had the chance to visit many place, meet new travel friends and spend even more time in Thailand!  Here are a few of my favorite moments:  

2013 will end in Hawaii. I am currently in Honolulu and will spend time in Maui, Kauai and Kona before returning home in January.


Before Hawaii there was Alaska.  Visiting both Hawaii and Alaska within 30 days is a little surreal, but I check that one off my list.  The Northern Lights in Fairbanks and a trip to the Arctic Circle were the highlights of that trip.




I spent months in Thailand this year and witnessed some of the largest protests they’d had in years.  Curfews and checkpoints were interesting, but the protests remained peaceful.


My first trip to Beijing turned out to be very, very smoggy! I quickly discovered that taking pictures was going to be tough.  They all turned out like this.


A mid-year trip to Amsterdam and the Hague provided some cooler weather and a change of scenery after having spent the first 3 months of the year in Bangkok.


I spent NYE 2013 in Karbi, Thailand with great friends and then stuck around for a few months of work.


So, what’s on tap for 2014?  More time in Thailand, hopefully another trip to Alaska so I can spend more time looking for those Northern Lights.  My big trip of the year? Well, that’s going to be an African Safari.

Of course, I’ll see many of your in Seattle for the First2Board Seattle Sessions in August and the Chicago Seminars in the fall.  I’m sure there will be a few other trips that are planned last minute….you never know where the year will take me.

As for First2Board…look for some exciting new changes!

I hope you’ve had a great year.

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  1. oh i’m excited for you and the safari — that will be great! happy holidays and see you in seattle!

  2. An African Safari – so cool! Have fun planning and obviously enjoying the safari itself. Look forward to hearing about your trip!

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