New Year New Travel Resolutions

By VGP Guest Blogger – Rachel

As I began to think about my new year’s resolutions… I realized almost all of them happen to be things that could make me healthier and happier while on the road and hopefully save me a little time and money along the way. Below are my top ten and how I plan to get to them.

1.       Travel with as little luggage as possible. Though I have gotten better with this one with time, it could always use improvement. Especially when I piggyback work trips and travel for pleasure, I tend to over pack. I’ve been trying to purchase items that do double duty- shoes that are stylish for weekends yet also comfortable for work and clothes that are on trend for nights out and still office appropriate.

2.       Credit card deals. There are tons of travel rewards options and many of them handsomely reward frequent travelers. Websites such as and can provide advice on which card is the best option on if you’d like to be rewarded with flier miles, hotel points, or cash back rewards.

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3.       Save for a big fall vacation. Who doesn’t want to plan for a big getaway? This fall, I traveled to Ireland and Portugal and I hope that next fall will take me to South Africa.

4.       Fight jet lag. I find that fighting jet lag can really make a difference in not feeling sluggish after a long flight. I try to exercise the day before, sleep well, and stay hydrated by drinking coconut water and avoiding coffee. I also get up out of my seat regularly  to walk and stretch. A face mask and ear plugs are invaluable on red-eye flights. I usually find that avoiding a nap on day one is a good idea- it just throws me off and makes me feel groggy.

5.       Pack keeping the environment in mind. This fall I invested in some reusable, spill proof pouches such as these on instead of using throw away sandwich baggies every trip.

6.       Pack healthy food. Many larger airports now offer healthier options but they are still at a pretty penny. My on the go healthy food options always include nuts and trail mixes (be careful to look at the sugar content on the mixes), apples, and power bars that don’t crumble or melt (such as Kashi or Luna Bars).

7.       Work out more. Ah, to work out more.  A New Year’s resolution cliché. Nevertheless, I always try and stay at a hotel that has nice work out facilities or one that is nearby a yoga studio, which usually offer classes that are early enough in the morning that I can fit them in before work. Though I haven’t tried it, many of my traveling colleagues swear by P90X to work out in their hotel rooms to stay fit.

8.       Be courteous and friendly to travelers and airline and hotel staff. I have a family member who works in the airline industry and he constantly tells me the common courtesy of fliers is what really makes or breaks his workday. Try to remember that travel delays or hotel room problems such as a malfunctioning appliance or a broken blind are usually not the fault of the steward or the front desk staff.

9.       Stay on top of hotel promotions. Most hotel promotions to earn extra nights or free points are ones you need to opt in to receive. Don’t be too quick to scan over those Hilton or Starwood emails. I have all of mine filter to a “travel” folder so they don’t clunk up my email and review them all over the weekend or when I have free time.

10.   Avoid hotel add on charges. Always read the fine print at check in to avoid charges for Wifi, parking, phone fees, or room service. And if there is something on your bill that you are unsure of at check out, never assume that you should have been charged and always ask the hotel staff who can usually quite easily remove the charges.


What are your new years resolutions? Do they involve travel?

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