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Global Entry Kisok

As I scan different websites, magazines and newspapers I find some interesting tid-bits about travel.  Several Airlines and Airports had interesting news to share over the last few weeks.  In case you missed it….

Pittsburgh International Airport is installing two Global Entry Kiosks.  I didn’t even realize that Pittsburgh had enough international traffic to warrant Global Entry Kiosks, but apparently they do.  The Kiosks will be used by Delta Air Lines’  passengers arriving from Paris flight (beginning April 27th). The kiosks will also be used for arriving passengers from the Caribbean including flights from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and Cancun, Mexico.

Global Entry Kisok

Global Entry Kisoks

Passengers flying on Allegiant Airlines can now use mobile boarding passes at 101.  The ‘Allegiant-To-Go’ app is available for iOS and Android devices and now allows passengers to check-in, choose their seat, purchase priority boarding and additional baggage, and receive their mobile boarding pass.  Fifty of the 101 airports did not have the necessary equipment and so Allegiant funded the purchase for those airports.

Air Asia, one of the low-cost carriers servicing Asia and the Pacific, is unveiling an on-board wifi trail to determine if passengers on their the short-haul flights would make use of the wifi. It’s not explicitly stated, but the implication is that it will be a paid service along with their existing on-board purchase based food/beverages and Samsung  Galaxy Tabs that are rentable. It will be interesting to see if this makes it beyond the trial.

Air Asia rents Samsung Tablets on some flights.

Air Asia rents Samsung Tablets on some flights. Copyright: Air Asia

Singapore Airlines, First Great Western (railway) and Heathrow Express have formed a partnership in the UK that will allow passengers to travel with all three companies on one reservation. The partnership aims to simplify the end-to-end travel experience by removing the need to make separate reservations.  The Rail-Fly partnership means travelers starting their journey at any of 11 UK railway stations can get as far as Brisbane, Australia on a single booking. That’s pretty cool!

Delta Airlines will invest more than $770 million to update their narrow-body airplanes. Fifty-six 757-200s and 43 737-800s will have seatback in-flight entertainment installed along with power outlets.  Passengers on those flights will have access to satellite TV.  The 757s will also have larger overhead cabin bins installed – I know a few people who will applaud this!  Fifty-seven A319s & A320s will receive interior cabin upgrades, including new seats in first and economy classes that will include in-seat power and in-flight entertainment – yes, in both cabins. Larger overhead bins will also be installed – hopefully this will reduce the overhead baggage wars!

And my favorite piece of news (I know not many will be as excited as me) the Charleston International Airport is undergoing a complete overhaul!  Unfortunately, the work has stopped in some areas because asbestos was found in the walls and under the flooring in some areas.  The airport authority is assuring the public that the air is safe for passengers.  I hope the renovations get back on track quickly because the airport overall is very highly needed.

What airline and airport news were are most excited about?

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