Travel Tuesday Giveaway 3 Ws 4 Days

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As I was finalizing some reservations tonight, I realized that I will be staying in 3 different W Hotels on 3 different continents in a period of 4 days.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never done that before.  It made me think…I wonder if anyone has stayed at all 50 W Hotels in one year – perhaps a new goal?

Update: congrats to Terry H who was the closest to the correct answers.

There were some amazingly good guesses, but no one got it exactly.  I will be staying at the W Seoul, W Paris and W New York within a period of 4 days.  Many people guessed the W New York – Downtown, W Bangkok (which was a good guess given my travel patterns and a few people guessed the W London, which was a good guess too.   Thanks for entering and look for another giveaway next week!

Copyright: W Hotels & Resorts Worldwide

Copyright: W Hotels & Resorts Worldwide

Bliss W


In addition, if you want to shop at the W Store, you can get 40% off through 2-28-14 (excludes mattresses). Use code: M4G7V

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Good Luck!  

14 Comments on "Travel Tuesday Giveaway 3 Ws 4 Days"

  1. orlando! 🙂

  2. W Hong Kong, W Barcelona, W South Beach? They all sound great!

  3. w new york, w london, and w hong kong?

  4. I spent way too much time trying to stalk you and figure this out 😀

    W New York Downtown
    W London
    W Bangkok

    The idea of visiting every hotel (// lists 70) is a fun idea for me to think of. I used to have a blog called Every Whatever cataloging things like that – fastest time to visit all 88 Ohio counties for example (23 1/2 hours)

  5. W Miami South Beach, W London and W Hong Kong

  6. W New York, W London, W Beijing!

  7. NYC , London, Seoul??? Have fun on your travels!

  8. W Union Square, W Istanbul, and W Bangkok.

  9. New York, Montreal, London?

  10. NY, Paris, Bangkok

  11. Boston, London, Bangkok

  12. W New York Downtown
    W Seoul – Walkerhill
    W Doha

  13. Santiago, San Diego, Maldives

  14. Maldives, Los Angeles, London

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