Travel Notices Are No Longer Required

I recently got an email from Chase about my Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card. It stated that Travel Notices Are No Longer Required on my account. The notice said:

In the past, you may have notified us of your travel plans to ensure uninterrupted service while traveling. Because we value your business and your use of this card, you no longer need to provide us with your travel information.

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Ironically, I was traveling when I received this notice, and I was traveling in the United States, which is very unusual for me. The very next day I got a Fraud Alert Email.

chase fraud alert

In the past, I would receive call from Chase regarding Fraud. This email allowed me to quickly select the appropriate response. I clicked on yes, I recognized the charge, and continued shopping. The funny thing was that I was in Australia, Fiji and Hong Kong the month prior and never got a Fraud Alert Notification. I go shopping in Vegas…Fraud alert!


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I prefer the ability of responding to Fraud Alerts via email.  What has your experience been with Fraud Alerts on your credit cards?

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4 Comments on "Travel Notices Are No Longer Required"

  1. Las Vegas is one of the hotspots for fraud in the US – both to clone cards and to use them.
    Fiji probably not so much

  2. AZTravelGuy | June 3, 2014 at 4:11 am |

    They started sending those out a year ago. And it’s frankly meaningless to me. Why? Because in three trips in four countries my Sapphire Preferred has been locked up each time, necessitating an annoying phone call over Skype or expensive one via mobile phone. Once was simply after charging for in-room WiFi in a chain hotel where I have no status. Ridiculous.

  3. Have had same experience as AZTravelGuy. Unpredictable experience. Been able to use it where I certainly thought it May be denied. On other occasions it has been locked up DESPITE telling them that I will be making travel arrangements including on airline websites where I have used card before!

  4. @AZTravelGuy, that stinks! Oh well…I guess I know what I can look forward to.

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