Germs in Public Places

What are the germiest public places/things? According to Prevention Magainze these are the 7 most germiest things. You better bet I avoid them whenever possible!

1. Restaurant menus – Prevention says that cold and flu viruses can survive for 18 hours on hard surfaces. Restaurant menus – rarely washed!

2. Lemon wedges – If you’ve worked in a bar, you already knew this. Researchers ordering drinks at 21 different restaurants found 25 different microorganisms lurking on lemons -including E. coli. Ugh!

3. Condiment dispensers – I always skip the ketchup, I’m allergic…maybe you should skip the ketchup, mustard and salt too. You have no idea what’s on there!

4. Restroom soap dispensers – Gross-out factoid of the day: about 25 percent of public restroom dispensers are contaminated with fecal bacteria, Prevention says. Disgusting!!!

5. Grocery carts – In 2007, a study found that the handles of almost two-thirds of the shopping carts tested were contaminated with fecal bacteria, with bacteria counts exceeding those of your average public restroom. There’s a reason stores put disinfecting wipes next to the carts people!

6. Airplane bathrooms – Your in-flight restroom trip could expose you to E. coli lurking on the surfaces of the faucets and doorknobs, according to a study. Plus, you’re 100 times more likely to catch a cold on an airplane than on the ground, according to a new study. So next time you fly, hold it!

7. Doctor’s office – Prevention says, limit your exposure when visiting your physician by packing your own tissues, hand sanitizers, and magazines. Never, never touch the magainzes!!!

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  1. What a cr-p source for this article… Bacterias are everywhere, but 100 times likely to catch a cold on an airplane. Who believes that? Really! If so, flight attendants would have a cold all the time – including all top elites.

  2. On more serious note, one of the most contagious thing with most “bad” bacterias we come in contact with is…… our cell phones.

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