What Airline Has the Worst Food?

VVirgin Atlantic Premium Economy Breakfast

I fell for a Conde Nast Traveler teaser asking “What Airline Has the Worst Food? We Asked A Chef.”  I opened the story curious to see what a chef had to say about the worst airline food.  To my surprise, the article was less about airline food and more a general interview with the chef.  The final question posed to the chef was “What Airline Has The Best In-Flight Food?”  The chef answered the question by saying:

Definitely not Frontier. I flew that yesterday for the first time and it’s like the Greyhound of the sky. You have to pay for, like, a Coca-Cola.

First, I think that was a “I don’t really want to answer the question” answer. He didn’t answer the question.  Second, Frontier doesn’t serve food, unless you count the snack pack boxes which only contain pre-packaged foods like cookies and crackers.  I also didn’t realize that you had to pay for drinks on Frontier. It turns out drinks aren’t the only thing you’ll pay for on Frontier.  Frequent Flyer Members won’t pay for non-alcoholic drinks and the top elite members won’t have to pay for alcoholic drinks either. In addition, if you buy a full-fare or flexible ticket you won’t have to pay either.  Speaking of paying…if you’re on a discounted fair and have no status, you’ll pay for drinks, carry on baggage, checked bags, seating assignments and more. I digress, this isn’t a post about Frontier Airlines fees.  This is about What Airline Has the Worst Food.  So, since the chef didn’t answer, I thought I’d take a stab at it. Overall (domestic and international airlines with #1 being the worst)   Air Asia X

  1. Air Asia X  – the absolute worst food I’ve ever seen in my life
  2. Tiger Airways  – have you seen the show Big Brother? They have to eat something on that show called slop. I’m pretty sure they got the idea from Tiger Airways.
  3. Fiji Airways – I had 5 meals in total on Fiji Airways and the food was really, really bad.  Some was so spicy it wasn’t edible and some was just so bad it wasn’t edible either.
  4. US Airways – this was a tough call, but US Airways serves some of the most disgusting food to its business class flyers domestically. In their Envoy class available on some international flights the food is pretty good.
  5. Air China – the food can really be hit or miss on Air China, but mostly it’s a miss.  The soups are often very good, but the prepared meals leave a lot to be desired

Those are the airlines I think have the worst food, What Airline Has the Worst Food in your opinion?

Fiji Airways Food

Fiji Airways Breakfast looked okay, but tasted bad

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