JetBlue Connects Family with A Taste of Home

by VGP contributor Rachel Brean

JetBlue is one of the many airlines this holiday season that are investing in their social media presence through warm-hearted holiday campaigns. This week they launched a touching video that takes place in Washington Heights, New York which has the largest Dominican population outside of the Dominican Republic.

JetBlue invited a Dominican family to an authentic restaurant where they reminisced about the tropics and friends they left in Santa Domingo, while appreciating the friends that remind them of home in the United States. At the conclusion of the meal, the families are given tickets to visit their families at home in the Dominican.  JetBlue recognizes that many Dominicans have busy work schedules and are often unable to fly home so wanted to connect them during the holidays. The full reunion can be seen on YouTube and followed on social media with the hashtag #jetblueamicasa.

This story is amongst a few that JetBlue has done to reach out and honor special fliers. In November, JetBlue honored a group of current and former members of the United States Armed Forces with a special charter flight from New York to Washington, D.C. In Washington, they were honored for the day and toured the capital. This video can be seen here:

Also in November, JetBlue teamed up with Zappos for its “Happiest Travel Day” with the hashtag #TravelHappy. The surprises were on the day before Thanksgiving, which is typically viewed as a dreaded day in busy airports for travelers. JetBlue and Zappos rolled out prizes on their baggage carousels and had cheering sections for a special few- such as someone whose birthday it was and someone who was bringing home a newly adopted baby.

This video can be seen here:


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