AirAsia Message To Frequent Flyers From CEO – #TogetherWeStand

Since I spent a lot of time in Asia over the past few years, I flew AirAsia many times to/from a variety of locations.  I am a member of AirAsia’s frequent flyer program, BIG Points, and while it’s not the most rewarding program, or the most valuable program, it was nice to earn points and use them with Cash & Points fares to save some extra money.

I’ve flown AirAsia and many of their subsidiaries including Thai Air Asia, AirAsiaX and Indonesian AirAsia. I always found the airline to be safe and for the most part efficient. What’s happened to AirAsia is a tragedy and shame for the airline and the industry not to mention the family of those who were lost.  AirAsia is a big sponsor of sports in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, they sponsor many television events and provide a variety of opportunities for the communities they serve to receive charitable funding for projects.

I have admired how the the airline’s CEO, Tony Fernandes, has managed and spoken publicly about the situation.  Today, a message was sent to frequent fliers (and perhaps others, but I received it as a frequent flyer club member.)  It was a very touching message and I applaud the airline for their handling of this tragedy.

For those of you who didn’t receive this message, I wanted to share it here:

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 7.27.21 PM

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