Phoenician Scottsdale Center for Well Being

Pool Phoenician Scottsdale Center for Well Being

The Phoenician Scottsdale Center for Well Being is located at the luxurious Phoenician Scottsdale hotel. I splurged on several treatments including a Thai Foot Massage and a neck, shoulder and back massage –  the therapist, was great; a facial – not the best facial I ever had, but certainly not the worst.

 Pool Phoenician Scottsdale Center for Well Being

Pool Phoenician Scottsdale Center for Well Being

I would absolutely recommend the massage services and never thought twice about the resort rates I was paying. If you like to pamper your feet and legs, the Thai Foot Massage is a great way to go. I was taken back to Thailand for at least 50 minutes! The spa was very relaxing and offered a variety of classes and services throughout the day.  If you’re looking for discounted spa services try off-season visits to the spa and ask the front desk for current specials.

The women’s locker room was very clean and stocked with great creature comforts (lotions, shampoos, etc…). The showers stuck out for me – the water pressure was amazing and I could have stayed in there for hours! They also offered a hot and dry sauna (not sure why you’d need that – just step outside and sizzle!), hot tub, relaxation/meditation room, plenty of water, iced-tea and hot tea (again, the hot tea was lost on me.) I did take time to enjoy the relaxation/meditation room. It was comfortable, had plenty of sunlight and a very relaxing fountain. Use of the spa facilities is complimentary with any 50 minute service. Overall, the atmosphere was one of relaxation.

The First2Board Phoenix Sessions

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I’ve now been to the spa at the JW Marriott Scottsdale, the spa at the Fairmont Princess and the Center for Well Being at the Phoenician. I like the spa amenities at the JW Marriot the best – they have a full-size pool, restaurant, and very spacious locker-room. The variety of services at the Phoenician definitely stands out among the three. However, if you’re looking for the most luxurious spa, head to the Fairmont Princess.