How Do You Pronounce Suvarnabhumi Airport Name

How Do You Pronounce Suvarnabhumi

If you’re not familiar with Thai, you might have trouble sounding out the name of their international airport, Suvarnabhumi also known by the BKK airport code.  How do you pronounce Suvarnabhumi airport’s name?  Phonetically in english you’d say su-wan-na-poon.

Some fun facts about Suvarnabhumi:

  • There are 360 check-in counters
  • There are 107 moving walkways
  • There are 102 elevators
  • There are 83 escalators

Here’s something else you might not know. When Suvarnabhumi first opened it used the airport code NBK, not BKK. That’s because at the time Thailand’s Don Mueang (pronounced don moo-ang) airport was using the code BKK.   Soon after Suvarnabhumi was fully operational the code BKK was taken away from Don Mueang and replaced by the code DMK. BKK was then given to Suvarnabhumi airport.

Next time to you travel to Thailand, or through Thailand, you’ll know how to pronounce the airport’s name.

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