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Is ManServant The Next Level Of Concierge Service

Do you need a ManServant on your next trip? Coming to San Francisco this fall! ManServant says… It’s not a stripper who gets naked and rubs his greasy body all over you. It’s aManServant: a gentleman who treats you like a…

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Boxers Or Briefs A Guide To How Many Pairs

How many pairs of boxers, briefs, underwear do you pack for a trip? Reed Kennedy has put together a great underwear optimization tool – Reed’s instructions on using the chart Pick the number of days you’ll be away from the top. Follow that…

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WIN Free Radisson Hotel Stays For LIFE

Radisson For Life Weekly #Hashtag Challenges! Radisson is giving away free hotel stays to one lucky winner, FOR LIFE. This means that the winner will receive five (5) room nights per year – WOW! To enter click Enter Sweepstakes and you could win…

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Will MasterPass Free Up MasterCard Space In My Wallet

Juggling MasterCard category bonuses can get tricky! Will MasterCard’s MasterPass be the answer? The basic fundamental of MasterPass is to enable wallet holders to create their digital payment footprint with their trusted financial institution.  Next month, MasterPass will take in-app payments to…

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Rome2Rio For Portland To Seattle Or Any A To B

rome2rio solves the question in seconds, “What are the options and costs to get between Portland and Seattle?” Ever wondered what the options and costs are to travel between two cities.  I have been researching options between Portland, OR (PDX…