Join First2Board In Charleston South Carolina

First2Board is very excited to welcome our readers and travel fans to Charleston, South Carolina during the weekend of September 6-8th for our first event – The Charleston City Sessions.   The idea is that we’ll hold “sessions” in different…

Is Charleston SC International Airport really International?

Charleston International Airport is South Carolina’s busiest airport, but the real question is how many of the 2,520,829 passengers who passed through the airport in 2012 flew internationally? The answer may or may not surprise you. Zero. Zero passengers flying commercially…

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Planning on Attending 2013 Charleston Food & Wine Festival? Here’s a sneak peek…

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the 2013 Charleston Food & Wine Festival Launch Party with Charleston City Paper’s own food writer, Eric Doksa. It was held at the Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina. The event is a…

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Flooding Inspires Alternative Modes of Transportation

As many of my readers know, I call Charleston, South Carolina home and in fact, live on a small island. This week brought torrential rains to Charleston and created massive flooding in low-lying areas – which is all of Charleston….

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Chef Marc Collins’ Circa 1886, Charleston SC restaurant review

My last visit to Chef Marc Collins Circa 1886 was almost 6 years ago and I had fond memories of that visit. The restaurant is located on the grounds of the historic and impressive Wentworth Mansion in downtown Charleston. The…

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The Most Underrated Restaurant in Charleston – Eurasia

The most underrated restaurant in Charleston has to be Eurasia. I have been a few times now, and each time I bring new friends. I’m constantly amazed at the creative and fresh specials being offered and never disappointed by the…

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Eurasia Mt Pleasant, SC – restaurant review

Hidden in a busy Mt Pleasant, SC shopping center is a modern restaurant with exceptional food and service to match. At Eurasia, Executive Chef Meredith Adams focus on farm-fresh, local and seasonal American food with a hint of Asian influence….