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i’ve had this trusty little 35L backpack (with a curious george patch that i sewed on all by myself!) for almost 7 years now. from my first solo trip to the czech republic in january of 2005 to a long weekend in cambodia just a couple months ago, it’s been with me all across the globe. it’s perfect because i’ve never had to check it (except maybe once or twice because it didn’t meet german low-cost carrier definitions of an acceptable carry-on) and thus never have to wait at baggage claim. plus, no pesky wheels like with a regular roll-aboard to get stuck in the mud or go clack-clack-clack on cobblestone streets at 6 AM when you are trying to catch the bus to take you to the airport.

unfortunately it’s not too conducive for long trips since i am too lazy/busy to do laundry and i don’t like to rewear clothes, although i did once manage to make it work for an 8-day trip to stockholm, helsinki, and tallinn (don’t ask how).

if i don’t use this, i have a large wheeled duffel bag that’s my other primary piece of luggage. it doesn’t look big, but it can definitely hold a lot (though a vuvuzela was a bit tricky with 2 weeks’ worth of clothes in there)

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