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every now and then i reflect on the places i’ve been and wonder which is my favorite. part of me is convinced that it should be a hard decision, since i have yet to find a city that i absolutely detest and there is always something enjoyable about every place i’ve been to.

that said, it’s actually a very easy decision. there is nothing that can top New York City. every time i go (and i try to go at least annually, if not more often), i am awestruck at the energy that flows through its streets, through its subway lines, through its people (speed)walking on the pavement.

that “center of the universe” nickname is quite apt. the confluence of cultures, the awe-inspiring skyscrapers, the amazing food and art scenes…how could you not get swept up in the hustle and bustle of it all? there is something electrifying about being there—like you truly are at the epicenter of everything. life doesn’t pass you by—you are alive.

and when the concrete jungle gets to be too much, so many free options to momentarily get away from it all: central park, the high line, the staten island ferry…

and last but not least, i have great friends there who i look forward to seeing every time i’m in town, especially for some haktata tonton!

yep, i’m a new york city boy.

p.s. the only other city in contention for this blog post? Paris.

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picture: Atlas on Flickr.

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