Around the World in 2011

This past year was, thanks to an unusual set of circumstances, a great year for me when it came to satisfying my wanderlust. 

February – France and Brussels and Luxembourg

Quack Quack

April – Philadelphia (work) + New York City (not work)

May – South Africa (work in Bothaville, a bit in Johannesburg, then 5 days on safari in Kruger National Park)


May – Amsterdam (on the way home from South Africa)

(with a ride on the A380 JNB-FRA!)



June – San Diego (to visit an old friend who i haven’t seen in ages)

July – Los Angeles (to see the Banksy exhibit with @lax2nrt)


August – Siem Reap* (with a stop in Seoul)


September – Portland (mostly to bungee jump*)

September – Anaheim (for a work convention)

October – Dallas/Plano


October – Philadelphia (for work) + New York (not work)

November – Chicago


November – Japan*


December – Philadelphia (for work) + Washington, D.C. (not work)

December – Los Angeles (for Christmas)

so yeah, this has been an unusually full year for me for travel, not that i’m complaining (and i’m incredibly grateful). it’ll likely never happen again, but yeah. good times for sure. oh, items marked with a * were on my bucket list.

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