i noticed while waiting for the security line at SEA that there is a new Port of Seattle logo (not new news, but i guess i’ve never noticed despite several trips through here in the past three years since the rebranding effort started). i do not like. i have found several people criticizing the rebranding online, and i agree. the graphic element doesn’t have the same punch. i never really knew (before reading the source article) what the old chevrons were supposed to represent, but there was something very strong and bold about it. yes, i understand that the new lines are supposed to represent the sky, land, and sea, but it’s very bland and too cutesy. there is a lack of dynamism and strength which i think would more accurately describe the function and image of the port authority.

(via “The Port of Seattle rebrands, for better or worse.” on Bespoke | Brought to you by Pinch. A design office.)

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