Window Seat

i’m normally an aisle-seater, completely for practical reasons: i like to, when nature calls, not have to disturb anyone to go to the bathroom. however, every time i sit by the window, i’m constantly amazed at the beauty of what is on the other side of the glass (or acrylic, as the case may be).

on the flight to SEA on friday, we were flying through some pretty heavy rain after the sun had set, and it was amazing! thanks to the landing lights on the wing, even at approach speeds, it was like flying through a dense forest of long shimmering silken strands.

on the flight home tonight, i managed to pick out every bay area bridge we passed on our way south to OAK and realized that i don’t think i’ve ever seen san francisco lit up at night from above. the few times i’ve been at a window seat a night, it’s been coming from the south. quite a sight, which i would have taken a picture of had i managed to find my camera in time, but alas, it was hiding in my backpack (and i thought i left it in the gate area in SEA).

upshot: new rule. on flights of two hours or less, window seat. (i figure for that amount of time, nature, if she calls, can be put on hold if need be.) can’t wait to see what i’ve been missing out on. *pulling up to see about changing seats for my flights in a week’s time*

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